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Government Organs

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 CataLaw -- MetaIndex of Law & Government
 Electronic Embassy
 Embassy Page
 Foreign Government Information
 Government Resources on the Web -- University of Michigan
 Government Technology
 International Government -- A2Z
 Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
 Parliaments on the Web
 Pathway Services
 Rulers-- the heads of the countries during various periods
 European Governments On-line
    G r e a t B r i t a i n
 British Council
 British Monarchy
 CCTA Government Information Service
 Foreign & Commonwealth Office
 Houses of Parliament
 No.10 Downing Street -- Prime Minister
 Search UK Govt on the WWW
 UK Department of Trade & Industry
 Premier ministre
 Serveur France diplomatie
    G e r m a n y
 Bundesregierung -- (
 Bundesregierung -- (
    U S A
      White House
      A g e n c i e s
    Governments of other countries
 Australian Government
 Canada Site / Site du Canada


Search | Various parties | Statistics
 Political Parties
 Political Parties & Youth Organizations
 Political Parties & Youth Organizations - Europe
 West European Socialist (and s.-d.) Parties
    Parties and Movements
 Anarchist yearbook 1995
 British Conservative Party
 British Labour Party
 Class War - What We Believe
 U.S. Democratic Party
 U.S. Republican Party
 Comparative Political Parties Data, 1950-1962


 Bill of Rights,1689 (England)
 Irish constitution
 Constitutions of various countries -- Index of ftp-files
 Constitution of Germany(1949)
 Constitution of China (1982)
 Constitution of the USSR (1977) -- in English
 Constitution of FGR -- in English
 Charters & Constitutions
 U.S. Constitution -- (
 U.S. Constitution -- (
 U.S. Constitution -- (
 U.S. Declaration of Independence (1776)
 World Constitutions

International Law

Search | Documents
 Documents (treaties, etc.) -- General index of ftp-files
 CataLaw -- Catalog of Catalogs of Law & MetaIndex
 CourtTV Homepage
 Internet Law Library -- US House of Representatives
 Law-Related Resources
 THOMAS - U.S. Congress on the Internet
 W3 Lawyer
 Schengen Treaty -- text (19.06.1990)

International Organizations

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| Other Organizations |
 International Organizations -- gopher
 Political Parties & Youth Organizations Around the World
    U n i t e d N a t i o n s
 United Nations
 United Nations & Other International Organizations
 United Nations System
 United Nations WEB Servers
 UNESCO in Russia
 UNESBIB -- UNESCO Documents & Publications
    Organizations under the aegis of UN
 Economic Commission for Europe (UN-ECE)
 Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO)
 International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
 International Computing Centre
 International Labour Organization
 International Maritime Organization (IMO)
 International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
 International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO)
 UN University (UNU)
 Universal Postal Union (UPU)
 World Bank
 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
 World Health Organization (WHO)
 World Meteorological Organization
 Worldatom (International Atomic Energy Agency)
    All-Europe Organizations
 Agreement about the foundation of the European Union (1957)
 European Community
 European Union (EU, EC)
 European Union - Official Texts
 Maastricht Treaty - Final Act
 Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD)
 Organisation on Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

Labour organizations

 International Labour Organization
 Labour Organizations
 Socialist International

Youth organizations

 European Democrat Students
 Federation of the Young European Greens
 Young People Organization
 Youth Organizations & Programs -- Nerd World

Women organizations

| Information Resources | Magazines |
| Organizations | Projects |
    Information resources
 Feminism & Women's Studies
 Feminist Resources on the Internet
 First Pointers for a Women's Guide to the Internet
 List of Women's Organizations
 Resources By & For Women
 Women -- Excite Reviews
 Women Homepage
 Women Organizations -- Yahoo
 Women's Organizations & Links
 Women's Studies Resources
 Women Online Worldwide
 American Association of University Women
 General Federation of Women's Clubs
 Global Fund for Women
 National Organization for Women (NOW)
 Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP Atlanta)
 Women's Institute of Management
 Young Women's Christian Association -- Yahoo
 Grrls Kick Ass!
 National Women's History Project
 Woman's Space

G r e e n p e a c e

 Greenpeace Canada
 Greenpeace International
 Greenpeace National Offices
 Greenpeace USA

Various organizations

 African National Congress
 Amnesty International On-line
 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
 Golden World Club (GWC) -- Tourism and commerce
 International Monetary Fund
 International Monetary Fund -- gopher
 NATO Official Homepage
 Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries -- OPEC

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