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      (Jisis DataBase Web GateWay) -- currently only russian interface!

      Recent updates of the Catalogue of Books and Collections (about 158 thousand of records since 1991), dissertation references (60 thousand of entries), DB "Inventions of Workers of NSC" 1978-1994 etc.


      • InfoPilot 2000 - The list of Internet addresses in scientific, library, cultural and educational thematics. More than 4000 URLs.
      • Prometeus Bibliographic - Guide into the world of bibliographic resources on the Internet, and Electronic Catalogs of the libraries. The addresses are classified according to DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) and annotations supplied.
      • Russian Science and the World - monthly digest on the materials of foreign electronic press. The materials are collected over the sites of social, political and scientific magazines, information agencies, etc.
      • Bavarian State Library - the recieval of articles copies from foreign journals. The claims are collected by the bibliographer on duty (ph. 330-79-65).

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