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S o c i o l o g y

    Information Resources
Areas & Resources in Sociology
 Public Opinion Guide to Library Resources
 Sociology & Internet Resources
 Sociology Links -- (
 SocioSite - General Links & Mega-Sites
    Data Bases
 INION - Data base in Philosophy -- since 1981 
 Alcoholism Research Database -- telnet (type: "select file cork")
 Child Development Abstracts & Bibliography
 Public Opinion Poll Question Database
 Acta Sociologica
 American Journal of Sociology
 Annual Review Sociology
 British Journal of Sociology
 Canadian Journal of Sociology
 Current Sociology
 International Review of Sociology
 Journal of Historical Sociology
 Journal of Mathematical Sociology
 MenWeb - M.E.N. Magazine
 Public Health
 Public Opinion Quarterly
 Qualitative Sociology
 Social Justice Research
 Social Research Update
 Sociologia Ruralis
 Sociological Forum
 Sociological Inquiry
 Sociological Methodology
 Sociological Methods & Research
 Sociological Research Online
 Sociological Review
 Sociological Spectrum
 Sociological Theory
 Sociology of Health & Illness
    Institutions & Organizations
 Carnegie Moscow Center
 American Sociological Association
 Sociology Departments in the United States
 University of Pennsylvania - Department of Sociology
 CAIN - Conflict Archive on the INternet
 CAIN Project - Front Page
 R&E Theoretical Web Page

D e m o g r a p h y

    Information Resources
 CSSCR Census Resources
 Population & Demography Information
 WWW VL - Demography & Population Studies
 WWW VL - Migration & Ethnic Relations
    Data Bases
 INION - DB in Economics and Demography -- since 1991 
 Global Population Distribution Database
 UN World Population Estimates -- gopher
 US Demography
    Institutions & Organizations
 ANU - Research School of Social Sciences (RSSS)
 AVSC International
 Center for Population & Family Health -- Columbia University
 Institute for Demography -- Austrian Academy of Science
 Penn State Population Research Institute
 Population Council
 UC Berkeley Department of Demography
 Evaluation Project
 MIDAS Census Information Gateway
 Population & Development Program -- Cornell University

R e l i g i o n

    Information Resources
 Christianity -- Yahoo
 Comparative Religion
 DharmaNet -- Gateways to Buddhism
 Global Resources for Buddhist Studies
 Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet
 Islam -- Yahoo
 Islamic Texts & Resources MetaPage
 Orthodox WorldLinks -- TheoLogic Systems
 Religion -- BUBL
 Religion -- CyberDewey
 Religion -- Yahoo
 Religious Literature -- Galaxy
 Virtual Christianity
 Virtual Religion Index
 World of Religions
 WWW VL - Buddhist Studies
 WWW VL - Religion
 Catholic Encyclopedia
 Catholic Saints
 Easton's Bible Dictionary
 GraceWeb Glossary of Christian Terms
 Islamic Biographies
 Islamic Dictionary
    Data Bases
 English Literature & Religion - The Database
 International Journal for the Psychology of Religion
 Journal of Religion & Health
 MSANEWS -- Islamic magazine
 Nida'ul Islam (The Call of Islam)
 Science & Christian Belief
    Primary Sources
 Graduate Theological Union Library
 JTSA Library -- Jewish Theological Seminary
 Online Dharma Libraries - Texts
 Pitts Theology Library
 School of Theology Library -- Boston University
    Institutions & Organizations
 American Moslem Foundation
 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
 Cappella Sistina
 Center for Theology & the Natural Sciences (CTNS)
 Christian Internet Ministries
 Engineering Ministries International
 Holy See - Vatican Web Site
 International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
 Islam Organizations -- Yahoo
 Islamic Foundation of America
 Islamic Party of Britain
 List of Muslim Relief Organizations
 Musei Vaticani -- Vatican Museums
 Organizations -- Christian Connection
 Stewarton Bible School
 Alim Online -- Islamic Resources
 Buddha Room
 Christian Connection
 Christians in Science
 GOSHEN -- Christian Internet Directory
 Project Genesis
 Truth and Reason
 Voice of the Shuttle - Religious Studies Page

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