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Library Life

 ARL Career Resources -- Association of Research Libraries
 Librarians on Stage & Screen -- librarieans in art
 Library & Information Science Job Vacancies -- BUBL
 Library Education & Employment -- American Library Assoc.
 Library JobSearch -- University of Illinois


| Universal libraries | Branch libraries |
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 Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
 Bibliomania - Network Library
 Cool Library Of The Week
 Electric Library
 IDEAL Homepage
 IFLA Virtual Library -- Electronic Collections & Services
 Internet Public Library
 Librarian's Library -- DRA
 Libraries Online
 SJCPL's Public Libraries With Internet Services

Russian Libraries

| Search of libraries | Moscow | Novosibirsk | Other cities |

    Search of Libraries

 RUSLANet -- libraries of the North-West of Russia


 Library of MSPU after Bauman -- with English version
 Library for Foreign Literature
 Library for Natural Sciences of RAS (LNS)
 MSU Scientific Library
 Russian National Public Library for Science & Technology
 State Medical Library of Russia


 M.Newbert's report about the visit to Novosibirsk

    Other cities

 SL of the South Uralian University -- Chelyabinsk
 Nizhegorodskaya Regional State Library

World Libraries

| Countries of the former USSR | Great Britain | Libraries of Europe |
| USA | Canada | Australia | Japan |

    Countries of the former USSR

 Latvian Academic Library
 Libraries of Baltic States -- DataBase
 Libraries of Latvia -- collection
 Lithuanian National Library
 National Library of Latvia -- Founded in 1919
 National Library of Estonia
 Tartu University Library -- Founded in 1802
 Vilnius University Library -- Since 1570

    G r e a t B r i t a i n

 All the UK University Library Catalogues
 COPAC -- search in 6 main catalogs
 CVU Library -- Clyde Virtual University
 Data Library -- Edinburgh University
 National Library of Scotland
 Portico - British Library Online
 SLAINTE - Scottish Libraries

    Other European Libraries

 Alexicon (National Library of the Netherland)
 Biblioteca Nacional de Espana -- Spain
 Bibliotheken, Buecher und Berichte -- Germany
 Bibliotheque Nationale de France -- France
 Bibliotheque Nationale Suisse -- Swizerland
 Dansk BiblioteksCenter (DBC) -- Danmark
 Die Deutsche Bibliothek
 Die Deutsche Bibliothek - Z39.50 Gateway
 National Libraries of Europe
 Public Libraries of Europe
 Royal Library Albert I -- Belgium

    U S A


      Library of Congress (USA)

      O C L C

      DRA (Data Research Associates, Inc.)

      Individual Libraries

    C a n a d a

 National Library of Canada
 resAnet -- National Library Catalogue
 University of Saskatchewan -- Catalogue via WWW

    A u s t r a l i a

 National Library of Australia
 Australian Libraries
 LISWA Catalogue -- Search via WWW

    J a p a n

 National Diet Library

Branch libraries

| Scientific | Medical | Technological | Law

    Scientific Libraries

 Directory of North American Research Libraries
 National Research Council Library
 New York Public Library - Science & Business
 UCSD Science & Engineering Library

    Medical Libraries

( See   also section Medicine )


      Individual Medical Libraries

    Technological Libraries

 CAD/CAM Library
 International Maritime Organization - Library
 Linda Hall Library

    Law Libraries

 Law Libraries -- Canada
 Law Library Catalogs
 Lillian Goldman Library at Yale Law School
 Tarlton Law Library -- 750,000 volumes
 U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
 Virtual Canadian Law Library


| Information Producers | Book Sellers |
| Book Catalogs & Reviews

    Information Producers

 VINITI -- natural sciences and technology (Moscow)
 British Library's Document Supply Centre (BLDSC)
 Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
 Knight-Ridder Information
 STN International
 Swets & Zeitlinger

    Book sellers

 Amazon Books -- 2,5 million titles
 Baker & Taylor
 BIC's Bookish Homepage
 BookWeb - Bookstore Directories
 Booksellers Homepages
 Engineer's Bookstore
 Majors: Book Distributor
 Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga
 Opamp-Technical Books
 Powell's Bookstore
 Waterstone's Bookstore
 WWW VL - Publishers / Bookstores

    Book Catalogs & Reviews

( See  also section Books in "Publishers" )

 Book Stacks - Search the Shelves
 Booklist Homepage -- American Library Association
 Books On-line - Titles -- Carnegie-Mellon
 Books Out Of Print -- free registration
 Bowker Books in Print (Ovid & OCLC) -- тестовый режим
 British Books in Print -- Whitaker's
 Combined AAUP Online Catalog / Bookstore
 Electronic Bookshelf -- gopher
 Electronic Reader's Advisor
 Internet Book Shop
 Internet Public Library Reading Room
 KNIGA (Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga)
 On-line Books Page
 On' Books
 PERIODIKA (Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga)
 Puntos de Informacion Cultural -- Spanish Books in Print
 Readers' Guide -- from H. W. Wilson
 Rettig on Reference
 Scholarly Books in Print at University Presses
 Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
 VLB WWW-Katalog Recherche -- German Books in Print
 Word of Mouth -- book reviews from "Library Journal"

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