• Order of primary sources through the system of Interlibrary Loan (ILL), including centralized service for the libraries of Novosibirsk Scientific Center. 
  • Organizing of weekly exhibitions of recent acquisitions from the funds of the Branch and the libraries of NSC. 
  • Selection of foreign literature for Information days in the libraries of scientific institutions. 
  • Presentation of monthly topical exhibitions. 
  • Address, topical and factographic referencies. 
  • Verification of bibliographic data and orders into the
    Branch funds, funds of SPSL and the libraries of NSC. 
  • Consultations in questions of search in the reference apparatus of Central Library as well as in data bases(DB)
  • Organizing of temporary book collections for the Akademgorodok institutions, having no libraries. 
  • Information search in DB. 
  • Information services for scientists and specialists of Akademgorodok in OSI regime. 
  • Copying of primary sources. 
  • Methodical and research work in the field of bibliographic library service. 
  • Organizing of Information days in the libraries of NSC. 
  • "Night Loan" service.  
  • Methodical help for the libraries of NSC in the field of readers' accomodation. 
  • Organizing of automatized check-up of information about readers, as well as centralized Interlibrary Loan and copying of articles.

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