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«Nikolai Nikolaevich Yanenko has left great scientific heritage that needs to be seriously studied, and his thoughts and ideas will contribute a long time to the further development of computational mathematics and mechanics» (V.M.Fomin, RAS Corresponding Member )

NIKOLAI NIKOLAEVICH YANENKO (1921-1984) is an outstanding soviet mathematician and mechanical engineer, Hero of the Socialist Labour, three times the USSR State Prize laureate. An academician Nikolai Nikolayevich Yanenko was a soviet scientist, who had made a great contribution to the development of mathematics, mechanics and also to the new trends of science, connected with computer engineering and its applications. Besides, he was also a prominent organizer of soviet science, and it became quite apparent when he worked in Siberia and Ural, where creative collectives were formed, able to solve complicated practical problems. They are called now "academician Yanenko School". Yanenko's name and scientific progress of his school are well known in our country and abroad, many of his scientific works obtained the world recognition.

The Memorial library of Academician N.N.YANENKO is organized in Branch of State Public Scientific and Technical Library SB RAS in the structure of the reading room for computational mathematics and informatics. The library consists of personal book collection, journals and archival material of the Academician. The book fund numbering more than 3 thousand copies, contains publications of the author, editions on applied and computational mathematics, mathematical modelling, mechanics, issued from 1920 to the 1980s received by the Academician during his life and presented to him by his pupils and colleagues.


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