Voitsyekhovskii Bogdan Vyachyeslavovich (22.01.1922 - 21.08.1999)
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Academician Bogdan Vyacheslavovich Voitsekhovsky is an outstanding scientist in mechanics and physics, an eminent researcher and a designer who has made the great contribution to science and to the national economy of our country.

The activity of Bogdan Vyacheslavovich is related to a broad scope of problems in physics of explosion, hydropulse engineering, atmospheric electricity, and wind power sources. One of the brightest and talented disciples of Mikhail Alekseevich Lavrentyev, he was actively involved in creating the Novosibirsk scientific center and in the implementation of Lavryentyev's triad: science, staff, industry.

B.Voitsehovsky was born on January, 22nd, 1922 in the Ukrainian village of Soroki, Vinnitsa oblast. When he was finishing high school in Kiev in 1940, he already worked as a laboratorian in Industrial technical school, and therefrom he has been called up for military service during the same year. When the war began, he got a short-term preparation in the school of communication and he was sent to a field army. He was at war with the Karelian and with the 4-th Ukranian front. He has finished his military service in Sakhalin in the spring of 1947. On the same year, he (a unique from Kiev) has entered Physicotechnical faculty of Moscow State University.

After the PhTF was transformed to an independent institute, his group had been transferred to Moscow mechanical (Engineering-physical nowadays) institute, wherefrom Voitsekhovsky graduated in 1953. The next year, 1954, he protects the PhD thesis. Since 1951, his research work had begun with scientific personnel, over which M.A.Lavrentyev supervised or which were created by him. Yet in PhysTech, M.A.Lavrentyev gave attention to the capable disciple. In 1953, B.Voitsehovsky is a senior engineer of the Institute of precision mechanics and computer equipment (Moscow); in 1954-56, he is a senior engineer, then (upon obtaining the scientific degree) a senior research assistant of VNIIEHF (the city of Sarov); in 1956-58, he is in charge of a research laboratory in MPhTI (the settlement of Dolgoprudnyi near Moscow) with a base-range under construction in the settlement of Oryevo near Dmitrov; there he helps Lavrentyev in preparing experts in physics of explosion, and then in organizing the first scientific groups of SB AS Institute of hydrodynamics to move to Siberia. Since 1958, he works in the Institute of hydrodynamics in Novosibirsk on the positions of the Head of a laboratory, the head of the department of quick processes, of the deputy director. He has protected the thesis for doctor's degree in 1961.

As he worked in the institute, in 60-70s, he created and headed the Special design office of hydropulse equipment (HPE) as the supervisor of the studies and the main designer. Under his personal guide, Special design office SDO HPE and DQP of the Institute have developed a hard work to solve urgent technical and technological problems in various industries using pulse pressure, high-speed flushes, various original hydrodynamic devices. Many projects of those years were implemented for practical needs in the course of time.

Works of Bogdan Vyacheslavovich on the study of the structure of detonation front in gases got wide popularity and recognition. In nonconventional experiments, he has found the occurrence of transverse detonation waves, which formed a basis for an insight into the phenomenon of detonation transformation, both in gaseous and in many other explosive systems. These works have been pointed out with the Lenin premium and two discovery certificates.

Bogdan Vyacheslavovich devoted practically 20 years of his life to the development of the new principles of hydropulse equipment. This has led him to creating a new scientific-and-design school and the vast diversity of various machines: water-jets with record jet parameters, hydro-pression buckers of unique power, centrifuges for purification of molten metals, hydraulic submersible impact tools for rock destruction and chink drilling, vibroseismic sources, aerodynamic stands and alternative devices that were designed by him and his disciples.

With his management and with the direct participation of Bogdan Vyacheslavovich, the most complicated problem has been solved to create a specialty cutting unit that presently constitutes the basis of an industrially implemented work cycle for regeneration the fuel of burnup fuel elements from reactors of atomic power stations.

Of extreme interest are the results that have been obtained in connection with problems of atmospheric electricity. Bogdan Vyacheslavovich was the first to succeed in reproducing volumetric-charged clouds under laboratory conditions, to demonstrate that the phenomenon of St. Elmo's fire is associated with the emergence of such volumetric charge. This research became a basis to create a new model of fireball.

Efficient storm-resistant designs of wind-power installations according to the principles that were developed by Bogdan Vyacheslavovich, the methods of their capacity summarization and energy accumulation in the future that he suggested may form the basis to create ecologically pure renewable energy resources and water desalters.

An outstanding scientific intuition, ingenuity, non-standard way of looking at theoretical, experimental, and technological problems allowed him to overcome the most complicated problems, insolvable over many years, with relatively simple means.

B.V.Voitsehovsky is the author of more than 200 scientific works, 2 discoveries, and more than 100 inventions, the winner of the Lenin premium. He has been awarded by a combat medal "For courage", by the Order of Domestic war of the 2-nd degree, by Lenin's Order, two Orders of the Labour Red banner, by the Honour Badge Order. In 1993, the Russian academy of science has granted him the Gold medal named by academician M.A.Lavrentyev, his teacher.

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