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TSvyetkov YU.D.

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Academician YUrii Dmitriyevich TSvyetkov is the large scientist in the field of chemical physics, photochemistry, and chemical radiospectroscopy. He has made a fundamental contribution to the research of mechanisms of the chemical reactions that proceed in a substance under the effect of ionizing radiation and light as well as in the study of radiospectroscopy methods for a structure and properties of active intermediate particles, specifically, free radicals, atoms, and ions.

Yu.D.Tsvetkov is one of the initiators of a widespread use of radiospectral techniques in the chemical research. He designed and brought a method of electronic spin echo in practice of a physicochemical research. His works have made a significant contribution to the development of the theory of radiation and photochemistry.

The electronic resource that is devoted to his life and work is composed of a biobibliographic index, tables of contents of monographs, and the collections of texts of certain works of the scientist and publications about him.

The biobibliographic index reflects proceedings, editorial works, certificates of authorship on the inventions, as well as the literature about the scientist.

Yu.D.Tsvetkov's biobibliography is collected by the chief librarian of the Institute of chemical kinetics and combustion (ICKaC) N.S.Lisovskaya.

Stocks and electronic resources of the State Public Scientific Technical Library of SB RAS and the library of ICKaC of SB RASas well as the resources on the Internet have been used in the work on the biobibliography catalogues.

The materials of the index arranged chronologically in two basic branches: "the Index of works of Yu.D.Tsvetkov" and "the Literature on his life and work".

The sources we have failed to look at de visu are remarked with an asterisk *. The standard abbreviations are used over the index.

Academician YUrii Dmitriyevich TSvyetkov («Sovyetskaya Sibir'», 2006, N 52)

Scientific schools in NSC YU.D.TSvyetkovPrepared by N.S.Lisovskaya and I.V.Kurbangalyeyeva  

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