Struminskii Vladimir Vasil'yevich (29.04.1914-23.02.1998)
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Struminskii V.V.

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V.V.Struminskii (1914-1998) is the Soviet scientist in the field of aerodynamics and fundamental theory of aircraft construction, academician of AS USSR (1966; corresponding member, 1958). In 1938 he has graduated from the Moscow State University. He worked in TsAGI (1941-1966). Director of the Institute of theoretical and applied mechanics ( ITAM ) of the Siberian Branch of AS USSR (1966-1971), head of the department of physical aeromechanics in the Institute of problems of mechanics, AS USSR (1971-1977). Since 1977 he is the head of sector of mechanics of the non-uniform media (later the department of mechanic-mathematical procedures in technology and economy) of AS USSR. He has developed the theory of three-dimensional boundary layer, by means of which the basic regularities in streamlining of swept and delta wings of an airplane have been found. This research has played a considerable part in breaking the sound barrier and attaining the supersonic flight speeds. He pioneered in the investigations into adoption of hydrogen as a combustible in air and aerospace engineering. He was the winner of N.E.Zhukovskii premium (1947), Lenin prize (1961), of the State premiums of the USSR (1947, 1948). He has been awarded with Lenin's order, the Labour Red Banner order, order of People Friendship, Red Star order, « Badge of honour », and with medals.

*Source:Lyudi v aviatsii (spravochnik Myezhdunarodnogo
Aviatsionno-Kosmichyeskogo Salona MAKS

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