Biobibliografiya akadyemika S.L.Sobolyeva (1908-1989)
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Sobolyev S.L.

Schools of thought in NSC

Academician Syergyei Lvovich Sobolyev (1908-1989), one of the largest mathematicians of XX century who made the fundamental contribution to the modern-day science, was one of the founders of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. S.L.Sobolev has played the major role in shaping of the new scientific schools in our country and abroad, in a formative stage and development of some directions of applied mathematics.

An electronic resource devoted to his life and work consists of the biobibliographic index, tables of contents of monographs and collection issues, full texts of some works of the scientist, and publications about him.

Biobibliographic index reflects the research works, editorial works, author's certificates on inventions and patents, publicist articles, and public speachs, together with the literature about the scientist.

Materials of the index are arranged chronologically into two basic sections: « Index of S.L.Sobolev's works » and «literature about his life and work ».

The originals that could not be seen de visu denoted with * (" asterisk "). The standard abbreviations are applied in the index.


Schools of thought in NSC S.L.SobolyevPrepared by Zoya Vakhramyeyeva and Syergyei Kann  

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