Biobibliografiya chl.-kor. AN SSSR V.P.Mamayeva (1925-1987)
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Mamayev V.P.

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Vladimir Petrovich Mamayev, corresponding member of AS USSR is a famous scientist in the field of organic chemistry. He widely developed basic research in the field of chemistry of nitrous heterogeneous ring compounds, he has discovered new reactions and synthesized new materials of practical significance that are applied in medical and aniline-die industry.

The main learned works of V.P.Mamaev dealt with the development of synthesis methods and studying the reactivity of azines. He has proposed and realized the new approaches in synthesis of a variety of pyrimidine compounds, and obtained a large number of pyrimidines that were previously unknown or difficult-to-synthesize; he studied processes of nucleophilic substitution in a series of halogenpyrimidines, tautomeric transformations of substituted azines, transmission of electronic and spatial effects through pyrimidine nucleus, and azines as the substituents.

The electronic resource that is devoted to his life and work is composed of a biobibliographic index, tables of contents of monographs and collections of full texts of certain works of the scientist and of publications about him.

The biobibliographic index reflects learned works, editorial works, certificates of authorship on inventions and patents, publicistic articles, as well as the literature on the scientist.

The founders of the resource express their thanks to Lenina Kuzminichna Kazachok and Oleg Pavlovich Shkurko, collaborators of the Novosibirsk institute of organic chemistry of SB RAS, for the given materials for the biobibliography of the scientist and thank the collaborators of the library of NIOCh of SB RAS for the support in working on the index of works.

When working on the biobibliography catalogues, we used the stocks and electronic resources of the State Public Scientific Technical Library of SB RAS (including the databases "Scientific-and-educational complex of Novosibirsk" and "Science in Siberia and in the Far East") and of the NIOCh library, and the Internet resources.

Materials of the index are arranged chronologically in two basic sections: "Index of works of V.P.Mamaev" and "Literature on his life and work".

The sources that we failed to see de visu have been remarked with an asterisk *. The index applies the standard abbreviations.


V.P.Mamayev i V.A.Koptyug
The friends and collegues, the director and the upcoming
director of the NIOCh V.P.Mamayev, corresponding member of AS USSR
and academician V.A.Koptyug, 1985

Scientific schools in NSC V.P.MamayevPrepared by Viktoriya Luk'yanova, Irina Kurbangalyeyeva and Syergyei Kann  

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