Akadyemik Gyeorgii Konstantinovich Boryeskov (7/20.04.1907 - 12.08.1984)
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Boryeskov G.K.

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Academician Georgii Konstantinovich Boreskov (1907-1984) is an outstanding scientist, enginee, and large organizer of science. His bright life was devoted to catalysis and to problems of chemical kinetics and engineering chemistry that are intimately connected with catalysis. Basic research in catalysis as an interesting chemical phenomenon was harmoniously combined in the work of G.K.Boreskov with the successful solution of major problems of chemical industry. The scientist believed that the progress in chemical, oil refining industry, and in many other branches is indissolubly associated to the development of a new catalyst or to the radical improvement of a previously employed catalyst. It was the development of a new catalyst for the production of sulfuric acid, one of the basic commercial processes, that G.K.Boreskov began his path in science.

In 1957, a historical decision of the government on the development of science in Siberia has been made in our country. A large centre of science, the Siberian branch of the Academy of sciences of the USSR, was to be organized in Novosibirsk. The urgency of catalytic studies has determined creating a specialized scientific institute within the limits of this centre in 1958, namely, the Institute of catalysis SB AS USSR . G.K.Boreskov became the organizer and the director of the institute. All his further creative life has been related to the activity of the institute.

In 1958, G.K.Boreskov has been elected a corresponding member, and in 1966, a full member of the Academy of sciences of the USSR. Georgii Konstantinovich took active part in creating and in activity of the Siberian Branch of AS USSR. He was a member of the Presidium of SB AS USSR and he headed the United Academic council on chemical sciences that coordinated works of institutes of chemical profile in Siberia. In 1967, G.K.Boreskov was given the rank of the Hero of Socialist Labour for his outstanding merits in the development of chemical science and industry and for his active work in creating the Siberian branch of the Academy of sciences of the USSR.

The Institute of catalysis of SB AS USSR that G.K.Boreskov had created and managed has gained the world popularity for a rather short time. Now it is the world largest specialized scientific institute in the field of catalysis that is equipped by modern equipment, unique devices, and electron-computers. More than 800 person work in the institute, these include more than 220 doctors and candidates of sciences, the significant part of which is the disciples of Georgii Konstantinovich. From the very beginning, the institute efforts were underway on all basic directions of catalysis that were formulated by G.K.Boreskov: the theory of catalytic action; scientific bases of preparing catalysts; the development of new and the improvement of current catalysts and processes; mathematical modelling of catalytic processes and reactors. Now the Institute of catalysis is named after its founder.

G.K.Boreskov was the initiator of creating a specialty design office of catalysts near to Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, the purpose of which includes creating large experimental batches of catalysts and their quick implementation on the industrial scale. Under the initiative of Georgii Konstantinovich, a department of the Institute of catalysis has been formed in Omsk.

Novosibirsk state university has been created almost coincidentally with the organization of the Siberian Branch of AS USSR. It had the purpose to prepare the staff for the institutes of the Novosibirsk scientific center. G.K.Boreskov has founded and headed the sub-faculty of catalysis and adsorption, of which more than hundred graduates presently work in the Institute of catalysis. Some of them head the laboratories, and several doctors and tens of candidates of sciences are among them. The basic special set of lectures ("Catalysis") that has been read by Georgii Konstantinovich on the sub-faculty has been published in 1971.

G.K.Boreskov conducted a great scientific-and-organizing work on the coordination and development of the research in the field of catalysis in our country. He headed the Scientific Council on catalysis of AS USSR and the "Catalysis and its industrial applications" Scientific Council under the State Committee on Science and Technology. He participated in the Committee on Lenin and State premiums of the USSR in the field of science and technology under Council of Ministry of the USSR, Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of chemical industry of the USSR.

Under the guidance of G.K.Boreskov, a great work was underway into expanding scientific and technical links of the Soviet and foreign scientists. Under his initiative, periodic bilaterial seminars on catalysis, Soviet-Japanese, Soviet-French, and Soviet-Indian, were organized. G.K.Boreskov was the main coordinator of the USSR in the Soviet-American scientific cooperation on the problem "Chemical catalysis". Within several years (1972-1976), Georgii Konstantinovich was the president of the International Congress on Catalysis.

For his merits for the national science, for the great scientific, pedagogical, scientific-organizational, and public work, the academician G.K.Boreskov was granted the rank of the Hero of Socialist Labour; he is awarded with three Lenin's Orders, with other orders and medals. G.K.Boreskov has been three times awarded the rank of the winner of the USSR State premium, as well as the winner of the UkrSSR State premium; he was awarded by two VDNKH gold medals. Scientific activity of G.K.Boreskov is also highly ranked abroad. He has been elected a foreign member of national academies of several countries, the honourable doctor of several foreign universities. The government of the National Republic of Bulgaria has awarded him with the Order of Cyril and Methodius.

*Istochnik:Muzykantov B.C. Akadyemik Gyeorgii Konstantinovich Boryeskov (1907-1984) / Muzykantov B.C., YAblonskii G.S. // Akadyemik Gyeorgii Konstantinovich Boryeskov: ochyerki, matyerialy, vospominaniya. - Novosibirsk: In-t kataliza, 1997. - S.13-44.
Akadyemik G.K.Boryeskov
Academician G.K.Boryeskov


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