Aleksandrov Alexander Danilovich (4.08.1912 - 27.07.1999)
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Alyeksandrov A.D.

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The full member (1964), corresponding member (1946) of AS USSR, doctor in physics and mathematics (1938), professor (1945). Mathematician. A professional in the field of geometry.

A.D.Aleksandrov was born on August 4, 1912 in Volyn' village of the former Ryazan province. His parents were teachers of high school. In 1929, he entered physical department of the Leningrad university, where he graduated from in 1933.

In 1935, Alexander Danilovich has protected the thesis for candidate's, and in 1938, that for a doctor's degree. In 1946, he was elected the corresponding member, and in 1964, the full member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

From 1952 to 1964 A.D.Aleksandrov was the rector of the Leningrad university.

In 1964, Alexander Danilovich has moved to Novosibirsk, where he headed one of the departments of the Institute of Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences until 1986. Now the institute is named after S.L.Sobolev, its founder. During these years A.D.Aleksandrov taught at Novosibirsk state university.

Since April, 1986 and up to his life end, A.D.Aleksandrov worked in St.-Petersburg Branch of V.A.Steklov Mathematical Institute.

Alexander Danilovich Aleksandrov died on July 27, 1999 in St.-Petersburg where he was buried at the Bogoslovskoye Cemetery.

He has significantly advanced the theory of mixed volumes and intrinsic geometry of convex surfaces. He pioneered in application of methods of functional analysis and the theory of equations with partial derivatives in this problematics. He developed a theory of measure on common topological spaces. These results have found application in geometry, in probability theory and they were included in textbooks of functional analysis. He has solved G.Weyl classical problem on a space realization of a metric of a positive curvature that is set on an orb.

He proposed a theory of two-dimensional manyfolds of a bounded curvature, or interior geometry of irregular surfaces, in association with which he developed a splitting-and-pasting-together method that was very effective in the theory of convex surface bending. He constructed a theory of metric spaces with one-sided curvature restrictions that were considered as generalization and development of the Riemannian space concept and that had a great impact on the present-day geometry.

He created a new research line in the theory of elliptic-typed differential equations, namely, a geometrical theory of elliptic-typed equations.

A.D.Aleksandrov's solution of a problem regarding the linearity of mappings that preserve cones in a space of a special relativity theory was an impetus for a research into chronogeometry.

The author of works on ethics, philosophy, and methodology of mathematics. Together with A.L.Verner and V.I.Ryzhik he has prepared a complete set of school textbooks on geometry; together with N.Yu.Netsvetaev he has written a textbook of geometry for higher education institutions. He created Soviet school in geometry.

When being at the position of the LSU rector, he contributed for the development of science genetics, the teaching of which begun in LSU during the 1950s. He contributed for a formation of sociology and mathematical economy. A.D.Aleksandrov, unique mathematician among a group of biologists, has been awarded with the Labour Red Banner Order in 1990 for his special contribution to preserve and develop genetics and selection.

He is a member of the National Committee of Soviet Mathematicians (1961), a member of a commission of experts in rewarding the N.I.Lobachevsky premiums of USSR AS (1977).

He is the Winner of Stalin Premium of the II degree (1942), N.I.Lobachevsky Premium of USSR AS (1951). He was rewarded with the L.Euler gold medal of RAS (1991).

He has Lenin Order (1961), the Labour Red Banner Order (1953, 1957, 1975, 1990), Order of People Friendship (1982), and Honour Order (1999).

He is the Honored Worker of Science and Technology of RSFSR (1963). The deputy of the RSFSR Supreme Council (1959-1963). He is the USSR sports master in climbing. A bust of A.D.Aleksandrov has been set in St.-Petersburg University. The SB RAS founded a premium for young scientists named after A.D.Aleksandrov.

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