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    Information Resources
 ANU - Coombsweb Social Sciences Server
 English Server at CMU
 H-Net -- Humanities & Social Sciences
 H-Net WWW Link Search
 Humanities -- Yahoo
 Humanities & Social Sciences -- Magellan
 Research Engines for the Social Sciences
 Social Sciences -- BUBL
 Social Sciences -- Digital Librarian
 Social Sciences Internet Resources
 Cognitive Science Dictionary
 Glossary of Social Science Terms
 Lexicon of the Humanities
    Data Bases
 ANU-SocSci-Internet-Resources -- gopher
 Bibliography of Social Science
 ECHO Databases Index
 RAPID Database -- Economic & Social Research
 Social Science Data Archives (SSDA)
    Journals, Books
      Individual Journals
 Brender-Moss Library for Social Sciences -- Tel Aviv University
 British Library of Political & Economic Science
 CT Libraries & Miscellaneous Education Links
 Memphis / Shelby County Public Library
 Princeton University Data Library
 Social Sciences Data Center -- University of Virginia
    Institutions & Organizations
 Institute of Social Science -- Japan
 IWM -- Institute for Human Sciences (Vienna)
 Open Society Institute
 ERIC / ChESS -- Social Science Education
 QualPage -- Qualitative Research in Social Sciences

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| Psychology | Sociology | Demography |
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H i s t o r y
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    Information Resources
 American & British History Resources
 Ancient World Web
 Eighteenth-Century Resources
 Eighteenth-Century Studies
 Gateway to World History
 Historical Text Archive
 Internet Resources in Historical Studies
 Resources for Economic Historians
 Resources in the Humanities
 WWW Services for Historians
      Individual Journals
    Institutions & Organizations
 Faculty of History, MSU
 American Historical Association
 American Oriental Society
 American Studies Association
 Association for History and Computing
 British Society of Sports History
 Canada's National History Society
 Economic History Association
 History Departments Around the World
 International Council of Museums (ICOM)
 Kansas State Historical Society
 Medieval Academy of America
 Mennonite Historical Society of Canada
 Mongolia Society
 Organization of American Historians
 San Diego Historical Society
 Society for Armenian Studies
 Society of Ancient Military Historians
 Society of Architectural Historians
 Archives & Archivists
 Archives Around the World
 CLIO - National Archives Information Server
 Marx / Engels Internet Archive
 National Archives & Records Administration
 Repositories of Primary Sources - Europe
    Auctions -- Online Auction & Catalog
 Art Forum - Art Market On-Line
 Pascal Berquat - Commissaire Priseur
 Brief Chronology of the Great War 1914-1919
 Classics & Mediterranean Archaeology
 History of Costume -- by Braun & Scheider
 Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites -- over 29,000 links
 Genealogical Resources
 Genealogy Holdings (CLIO)
 Genealogy Homepage
 Genealogy Societies
 Libraries Important to Genealogists
 Russian Genealogical Sources
 WebSite for Central & East European Genealogy
 WWW Genealogy Demo Page

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