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    Information Resources
 AgNet -- Australia
 AGRALIN -- Netherlands
 Agriculture -- A2Z
 Agriculture -- BUBL
 Agriculture -- Digital Librarian
 Agriculture -- Galaxy
 Agriculture -- Yahoo
 Agriculture & Food -- US Government Resources
 Agriculture Page
 AgriWeb -- Canada
 DAINet -- Germany
 Plant & Soil Sciences's Homepage
 Resources for Agricultural Economists
 UK Agriculture Internet Resources
 World AgriWeb
 WWW VL - Agriculture
 Agricultural Statistics 1995-96 -- USDA / NASS
 Agriculture Fact Book 1996 -- USDA
    Data Bases
 AgDB Prototype -- Agricultural Databases
 Agricola -- via AGIS gopher
 Agricultural Databases -- Montana,USA
 CotRes -- Cotton Research
 Databases at the National Agricultural Library
 Insect Pathogens Database -- EDWIP
 Pesticide Information Profiles
 PESTIS -- gopher
 Statistical Databases -- FAOStat
 USDA Research Database -- (
 USDA Research Database -- (
 Zobler World Soils Data Set
      Individual Journals
 Agricultural Economics Virtual Library
 Catalogs for Agriculture -- over 180 libraries
 Cornell's Mann Library Gateway
 Marvel (LoC) - Agriculture Collection -- gopher
 National Agricultural Library
    Institutions & Organizations
 AGIS -- Agricultural Genome
 AgNIC -- Agriculture Network
 Agriculture for a Clean Environment (ACE)
 Agrimerica -- Association for Agribusiness in America
 American Agricultural Economics Association
 American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE)
 American Society of Agronomy (ASA)
 Associations & Organizations -- WWW Virtual Library
 Australian Agricultural & Resource Economics Society
 Center for Integrated Pest Management
 College of Agriculture -- Arizona
 College of Agriculture -- Iowa State University
 College of Agriculture -- Kansas State University
 Communicating for Agriculture
 Council for Agricultural Science & Technology
 Food & Agriculture Organization (UN FAO)
 Global Agricultural Biotechnology Association
 Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy (IATP)
 International Food Information Council
 Japan National Institute of Agrobiological Resources -- gopher
 Lithuanian Agricultural Institutions
 National Cattlemen's Beef Association
 National Farmers Organization
 National Institute for the Environment
 NorthAmerican Vegetarian Society
 Pest CABWeb
 US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
 Biofuels Feedstock Development Program
 Internet Awareness Program
 Pesticide Action Network
 Satellite Observations of Forest Fires

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