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    Information Resources
 Biodiversity & Biological Collections
 Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources
 Biology -- A2Z
 Biology -- Galaxy
 Biology -- Yahoo
 Biology Information -- Planet Earth
 Biology Resources
 Bio-Research Sources on the Internet
 BIOSCI / bionet -- Network for Biology
 BIOSIS Resources for Biologists
 General Biology Web Library
 Internet Resources for the Biologist
 Neurosciences on the Internet
 Useful Sites -- Molecular biology, etc.
 WWW VL - Biosciences
 Catalogue of Biological Standards
 Dictionary of Cell Biology
 Dictionary of Science & Biotechnology
 Multilingual Dictionary of the Horse
    Data Bases
 Biological Demo Database Page -- Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
 Biologists's Control Panel
 Entrez Browser -- Search the Molecular Biology
 Flora of Europe
 FlyBase -- Drosophila Genome
 Genome Database -- Human
 Insect Pathogens Database (EDWIP)
 IUBio Archive for Biology Data
 Marine Biology Database
 MGD -- Mouse Genome
 MSDS Search -- Material Safety Data Sheet
 MsqDB -- Mosquito Genomics
 MycDB -- Mycobacterium DataBase
 NCBI PubMed -- Medline, etc.
 PDB (Protein Data Bank) -- gopher
 Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools
 Plant Fossil Record
 Plant Name Index -- 70,000 plant names, gopher
 REBASE (Restriction Enzyme Database)
 Research Animals in Canada -- Database
 TBASE -- Transgenic / Targeted Mutation
 World Data Centre for Microorganisms
      Individual Editions
 ASIRC - Online Library
 Library of Congress - Biology Collection -- gopher
 NIBSC Library
 Texas Medical Center Library Catalog -- telnet
 US National Library of Medicine (NLM)
    Institutions and Organizations
 AIBS -- gopher
 AIBS - American Institute of Biological Sciences
 American Phytopathological Society (APSnet)
 American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (ASBMB)
 American Society for Microbiology
 American Society of Plant Physiologists (ASPP)
 Botanical Society of America
 British Society for Plant Pathology
 Cousteau Society
 Institute of Arctic Biology -- Fairbanks, Alaska
 International Organisation of Palaeobotany
 International Society for Plant Molecular Biology
 Natural History Museum
 NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information
 NIBSC - National Institute for Biological Standards & Controls
 NOUGEI -- Bioscience, Biotechnology & Agrochemistry (Japan)
 RNA Society
 Society for Neuroscience
 Biologists' Address Database
 Biologists' Addresses -- gopher
 Collection of Directories
 Directories of Biologists -- (
 Directories of Biologists -- (
 Directory of Parasitologists
 E-Mail Directory for the Natural History Museum -- gopher
 Plant Taxonomists Online -- gopher
 Taxonomist Database
 White Pages for Ichthyology
 Who's Who in Culture Collections
 World Directory of Systematic Entomologists
 CELLS alive!
 DELTA - DEscription Language for TAxonomy
 Human Anatomy On-line --
 Netfrog - The Interactive Frog Dissection
 Stanford Genomic Resources
 Tree of Life

Branches of Biology

| Botany | Genetics | Zoology |
| Physiology | Entomology
 WWW VL - Botany
 Rhododendron Page
 Genetics Webliography
 WWW VL - Genetics
 Froggy Page
 House Rabbit Society
 NetVet - Electronic Zoo
 Pet Bird Page - Parrots
 Zoological Record
 Zoology Internet Resource Guide
 Human Anatomy Resources
 WWW VL - Physiology & Biophysics
 Carl Hayden Bee Research Center
 Global Entomology Agriculture Research Server
 Monarch Watch -- Monarch Butterflies

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