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    Information Resources
 BioAgMed INFOMINE Search Screen
 Electronic Resources at the Becker Medical Library
 Experimental Medicine WWW Resources
 Health Communication Network (HCN)
 Health Web Pages -- University of Hertfordshire
 HealthAtoZ -- search engine in medical resources
 Iomedex Corporation -- Internet for the Health-Care Professional
 Martindale's Health Science Guide
 MDLink -- Canada
 Med Nexus
 Medical INTERNET Catalogue (MedIC) -- SCSML (Moscow)
 Medical Matrix -- resources in clinical medicine
 Medicine -- Yahoo
 MedWeb UK
 Physicians' Homepage -- Silverplatter
 Reuters Health Information Services
 Stanford HealthLink
 UCLA MedNet
 Virtual Hospital
 Medical abbreviations -- English-Russian dictionary
 Life Science Dictionary
 Medical Dictionary
 Multilingual Glossary of Medical Terms
    Data Bases
 Apitherapy Reference DataBase -- bee-keeping for medicine
 CancerNet -- search of information
 Hospital Locator -- search in DB about hospitals
 Internet Grateful Med -- NLM
 Medline -- (HealthGate)
 Medline -- (Healthy.Net)
 Medline -- (muscat)
 Medline -- (muscat-compact)
 Medline -- NLM
 Medline -- SilverPlatter
 Medline on the WWW
 Medline Pro -- HCN (Australia)
 RxList -- Internet Drug Index


    Other Journals
    Medical Libraries
 Becker Medical Library
 Carpenter Library
 Deutsche Zentralbibliothek fuer Medizin
 Ehrman Medical Library
 Galter Health Sciences Library
 Hawaii Medical Library
 Medical Information Centre -- Нидерланды
 Medical Libraries -- Yahoo
 Medical / Health Sciences Libraries on the Web
 Multimedia Medical Reference Library
 New York Academy of Medicine
 Selected Medical Library Catalogs
 Tel Aviv Uni Library of Life Sciences & Medicine
 Texas Medical Center Library
 US National Library of Medicine (NLM)
 Yale Medical Library
    Institutions and Organizations
 American Association of Neurological Surgeons
 American College of Physicians
 Canadian Medical Association
 Centre For Medical Education -- Dundee
 Dentistry - Professional Organizations -- Yahoo!
 Institut Pasteur
 MEdIC - Medical Education Information Center
 Medical Organizations -- Yahoo
 MedWeb - Societies & Associations
 National Institutes of Health (NIH)
 NCI CancerNet
 Red Cross WebSite
 US Department of Health & Human Services
 World Health Organization
 Clickable Skeleton
 Heart -- Contents
 Human Anatomy On-line --
 Netfrog - The Interactive Frog Dissection
 Virtual Embryo
 Visible Embryo
 Visible Human Project
 Visible Human Viewer

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