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E n g i n e e r i n g

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    Information Resources
 Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library
 Engineering -- Nerd World
 Engineering Links -- ASME
 Engineering Resources -- Media Union Library
 Nanotechnology Web Pages -- National University of Singapore
 British Car Terms
 Computer Desktop Encylopedia
 Computing Dictionary
 Dictionary of PC Hardware & Data Communications Terms
 Hacker's Jargon
 Jane's Defence Glossary
 Jargon File Resources
 Jargon File 3.2.0
 MDA Computing Dictionary
 Multilingual Computer Dictionary
 NASA Thesaurus
 Software Engineering Glossary
 Specialized Dictionaries
 Textile Technical Dictionary
    Data Bases
 ILI Metals Database -- 30,000 metal grades & properties
 NASA TechTracS -- new technologies
 OFAI LIS Biblio -- bibliography on по искусственному интеллекту
 Powell's Technical Books -- Bookstore Database
 SPIE Abstract Search Service
 Directory of Technical Magazines -- TechExpo
 IEEE Publishing Page
 Journal of Fluids Engineering
 Journal of Mechanical Design -- ASME
 SPIE Journals
 Technology Review
 Wind Energy Weekly Archives
 Engineering Libraries -- Yahoo
 Engineering Library - Cornell University
 Grainger Engineering Library
 Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) - Library
 Linda Hall Library
    Institutions and Organizations
 American Wind Energy Association
 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
 Electric Power Research Institute
 Engineering Council
 Engineering Foundation
 IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers)
 Research Groups & Associations on the Internet
 Society of Manufacturing Engineers
 Society of Women Engineers

 Automotive Learning On-line --
 CAD/CAM Library

P a t e n t s

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    Information Resources
 Collections - Patents -- (
 Intellectual Property Resources on the Net -- (
 Patent Portal - Internet Patent Resources -- Richard S. Gruner
 Patents -- Media Union Library
 Patents --Yahoo
 STO's Internet Patent Search System
 UCSD Science & Engineering Library - Patents
    Patent Institutions
 Moscow PatentBureau -- Mospatent
 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
    Patent Law
 Russian legislation -- Moscow PatentBureau
    Patent Search
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    General Search
 STO's Internet Patent Search System
    Australian Patents
 PIZZEYS Patent Attorneys Australia
    Great Britain Patents
 Murgitroyd & Co. -- Patent & Trade Mark Agents
 Richard Doble
 UK Patent Office
 Williams, Powell & Associates
 Wilson Gunn M'Caw
    Japan Patents
 Hiroe and Associates
 Japanese Patent Office
 Ninomiya Patent Office
 Onda Techno International Patent Attys.
 Shinjyu Office of Patent Attorneys
 Shusaku Yamamoto Patent Law Offices
    USA Patents
 IBM Patent Server -- patents since 1971
 Patent & Trademark Depository
 Trademark Acceptable Identification
 US Patent / Full Text
 US Patent & Trademark Office
 US Patent Bibliographic DB (USPTO/CNIDR)
 AIDS Patents Project
 Invention Dimension (Lemelson-MIT Prize Program)

S t a n d a r d s

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    Information Resources
 Bar Code Standards
 LII Locator for the Uniform Commercial Code
 National Standards Systems Network
 Standards Information Databases
 American National Standards Institute
 EAN International
 International Organization for Standardization

S p a c e

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    Information Resources
 Aerospace -- Galaxy
 Internet Aerospace Links
 NASA - Aerospace Information -- gopher
 Space Educators' Handbook
 Space Exploration -- WebCrawler Select
 Space Sciences Links
 WWW VL - Aerospace
 Aerospace Dictionary -- LeRC / NASA
 Data Processing & Space Acronyms Gateway
 NASA Thesaurus
 Satellite Encyclopedia Online
 StarBits -- Acronyms, Abbreviations, and so on
    Data Bases
 Astronomer's Bazaar -- Astronomical Catalogues
 SIMBAD Astronomical Database
 Air & Space Magazine
 List of Journal Abbreviations -- SIMBAD (Astronomy DB)
    Institutions and Organizations

    R u s s i a
 Space Research Institute RAS
 Moscow Planetarium
 Russian Space Science Internet (RSSI)
    U S A
    Great Britain
 Astrophysics & Space Research Group
 British National Space Centre
    European Space Agency (ESA)
 ESA Astrophysics Division
 European Space Agency
 European Space Agency / ESRIN
 European Space Operations Centre (ESOC)
 Villafranca Satellite Tracking Station
    Other Institutions
 Aerospace Servers of World -- collection
 Canadian Space Agency
 Centre National Etudes Spatiales -- France
 German Aerospace Research Establishment (DLR)
 Italian Space Agency (ASI)
 National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) -- Netherlands
 National Institute for Space Research -- Brasil
 National Space Development Agency of Japan
 Space Research Organization Netherlands (SRON)
 Swedish Space Corporation
 Browser for Earth Observations from Shuttle -- Space Shuttle
 Challenger Accident -- Space Shuttle
 Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems -- Alfa Station
 Delta Clipper / SSRT Program
 Delta Clipper (APOD - October 28, 1995)
 Earth Observation Center -- NASDA (Japan)
 Earth Observing System
 Galileo Project Information
 Human Exploration & Development of Space (HEDS)
 International Space Station (ISSA) -- Alfa Station
 Magellan Mission to Venus
 Mars Mission Research Center
 MARS-96 Mission
 Mir Space Station
 NASA - JPL Imaging Radar
 NASA Space Shuttle Web Archives -- Space Shuttle
 Planet MARS Homepage
 Retrospective des vols Ariane -- Ariane
 Satellite Observations of Forest Fires
    Space Technology
 Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering -- Galaxy
 DLR - Space programs
 Goddard Space Sciences
 Langley Research & Technology Highlights 1993
 Physics & Space Technology

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