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M a t h e m a t i c s

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    Information Resources
 Electronic Library of Mathematics
 Euromath Center
 Family Math Homepage
 Guide to the Web for Statisticians
 History of Mathematics -- MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
 Mathematically Related Sites
 Mathematics on the Web
 MathSciNet Homepage
 Numerical Analysis-Net
 Page for Mathematics -- Max-Planck-Institut
 Vincent's Statistics Page
 Women Mathematicians
 WWW VL - Mathematics
    Data Bases
 Mathematics E-print Mirror Server -- Duke
 Mathematics E-print Mirror Server -- MSRI
 MATH Database 1931-1998 -- STN Demo
    Journals, Books
 Abbreviations of Names of Serials -- Mathematical Reviews (e-math)
 Electronic Journals in Mathematics
 Journals on Clifford Algebras & Physical Applications
 MATHAID - Journals
 Mathematical Periodicals
 Mathematics Journals -- Infoseek Guide
 Mathematics On-Line BookShelf
 MathWeb Books
 MathWeb Journals
 NME / CNM - Cumulative Index
 Reliable Computing & Interval Computations
 Russian Mathematical Journals & Preprints
 Library for Natural Sciences of RAS(LNS)
    Institutions and Organizations
 e-MATH - American Mathematical Society
 EMIS Homepage
 Australian Mathematical Society
 London Mathematical Society
 Mathematical Association of America
 Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
 RAS - Mathematical Branch

M e c h a n i c s

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    Information Resources
 CFD Online
 Fluid Dynamics -- Galaxy
 Fluid Dynamics -- Yahoo
 Hydraulic Related Servers
 Mechanical Engineering -- Nerd World
    Data Bases
 ASCE Civil Engineering Database -- over 80,000 Rec. (since 1975)
 DOE Reports Bibliographic Database
 Fluid Dynamics Database -- ERCOFTAC
 Fluid Mechanics Bibliography -- MSC/NASTRAN
 Journal of Fluids Engineering
 WWW VL - Mechanical Engineering
    Institutions, Organizations
 ASME Homepage
 ME Homepage

P h y s i c s

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    Information Resources
 AIP's WWW Links & Pointers
 Internet Pilot to Physics
 Net Advance of Physics
 Physics -- BUBL
 Physics -- Galaxy
 Physics -- Yahoo
 Physics Around the World
 Physics - Interesting Links
 Physics Resources -- (
 Physics Resourses -- (BUBL gopher)
 Wonders of Physics
 WWW VL - Physics
 Fundamental Physical Constants -- CODATA
 Physical Reference Data
 Scientific Constants -- Yahoo
    Data Bases
 APS E-Print Workshop
 Chemical Physics Preprint Database
 High Energy Physics Database -- bibliography since 1974
 MIJ-NSR References -- semiconductors
 Most-cited E-prints in High-energy Physics
 One-Shot World-Wide Preprints Search -- On-line Sci Preprints
 PEIS -- Physics / VINITI (bibliography)
 Reference / Bibliographies -- TIPtop / PAW (DB collection)
 SLAC Library Databases & Documents
 xxx e-print archive @ LANL
    Collections of Journals
 AIP Journals
 American Physical Society - Editorial Offices
 IOP Publishing - Electronic Journals
 Les Editions de Physique
    Individual Journals
 AIP Weekly Physics News
 Applied Physics Letters
 Astrophysical Journal
 Australian Journal of Physics
 Canadian Journal of Physics
 Europhysics Letters Online
 Journal of Applied Physics
 Journal of Chemical Physics
 Journal of Computational Physics
 Journal of Mathematical Physics
 Physical Review (ToC)
 Physics of Fluids
 Physics Today
 CERN Library Catalogue
 Fermilab Library
 Physics Libraries -- Yahoo
    Institutions and Organizations
 American Institute of Physics (AIP)
 American Physical Society
 ANU Physics -- Australia
 Delft University - Applied Physics
 European Physical Society
 Institute for Theoretical Physics / UCSB
 Links to Physics Departments
 NIKHEF -- Amsterdam
 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)
 US Department of Energy
 ISI's 1120 Most Cited Physicists (1981-1997)
 Nobel Laureates in Physics 1901-1996
 PEERS -- Encyclopedia of E-mail 's
 Picture Gallery of Famous Physicists -- коллекция изображений
 Who's Who in Atomic & Plasma Physics -- 306 entries
 Particle Adventure
 Physics Lecture Demonstrations

C h e m i s t r y

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    Information Resources
 Chemistry -- Galaxy
 Chemistry -- Yahoo
 Chemistry Links
 Internet Chemistry Resources
 Links to Atmospheric Chemistry Pages
 NIU Chemistry Homepage
 RSC Links to Chemistry Web Sites
 Structural Chemistry Section -- University of Manchester
 UM Department of Chemistry - Related Links
 WWW Links for Chemists -- University of Liverpool
 WWW VL - Chemistry
 Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds
 Acronyms -- Chemistry & Spectroscopy
 Periodic Table - WebElements
 Fundamental Physical Constants / Naturkonstanten
    Data Bases
 ChemFinder Searching
 Chemical Databases
 Hazardous Chemical Database
 Publications on X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy -- 1971-1998
 STN Easy
 Chemistry & Biology
 Electronic Journal of Theoretical Chemistry (EJTC)
 Journal of Biological Chemistry
 Journal of the Electrochemical Society
 Mendeleev Communications
 Russian Chemical Reviews -- Uspekhi Khimii in English
 Chemistry Library -- University of Mississippi
 Library of the Chemistry Department -- University of Amsterdam
    Institutions and Organizations
 American Institute of Chemical Engineers
 Chemical Abstracts Service -- (
 Chemical Abstracts Service -- (
 Federation of European Chemical Societies
 GDCh Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker
 IUPAC -- Pure & Applied Chemistry
 Royal Society of Chemistry
 Society of Chemical Industry
 ISI's 1000 Most Cited Chemists (1981-1997)
 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry

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