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    General Information about Foundations
 About Foundation Law
 Council on Foundations
 Federally-Funded Research in the U.S.
 FEDIX -- Federal Opportunities For Education & Research
 Funding Opportunities
 Funding Opportunities & Exchange Programs
 Private Foundations on the Internet
 Search for Funding Opportunities
    Individual Foundations
 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
 Civilian Research & Development Foundation (CRDF)
 Eurasia Foundation
 Foundation Center
 Global Futures Foundation (GFF)
 International Science Foundation (ISF)
 Lucas Educational Foundation
 MacArthur Foundation
 National Science Foundation (NSF)
 Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) -- RFFI
    Soros Foundation
 Open Society Institute
 Open Society Institute - Russia
 Open Society Publications
 Soros, George -- Biographical Information
    Foundations by Branches
 Funding for Agricultural Research -- USA & Canada

Search of Grants

 Grants -- Galaxy
 GrantsWeb WWW Homepage
 Funding & Grant Opportunities
 NSF Grants Database
 Request for Proposals on Marine Ecology
 Field Research Grants

Science Education

 Organizations Involved in Science Education
 Science Education Resources on the Internet
 Science Education Sites

Jobs in Science

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 Academic Positions in Science - Worldwide Register
 Best Bets in Humanities & Social Sciences
 Best Bets in Science & Technology
 Employment -- Yahoo
 JobHunt - On-Line Job Meta-List
 Jobs & Employment -- RiceInfo gopher
 JOBS page
 JobServe -- Vacancies in the UK
 Riley Guide
 Russian International Job Agency -- Demos Co.
 Science - Career Resources
 Yahoo! - Employment
    Jobs by Branches
 ASLO Aquatic Science Career Information
 Information on Careers in Biology
 Job Listings & Career Services -- Biosciences
 Mountains West Consulting WWW Site -- Geosciences
 Physics World Jobs

Nobel Prizes

 Economics Nobel
 Nobel Foundation
 Nobel Foundation Directory of Laureates
 Nobel Laureates in Physics 1901 - 1996
 Nobel Prize Internet Archive
 Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences - Prizes

Scientific News

 Nauka i Tekhnika -- Popular Science
 Access Excellence's What's News
 Health Summary -- Reuters / Yahoo
 Hotlist - Weekly Science News -- Collection of Links
 MSN SciTech News of the Day
 Science & the Environment - Headline Index
 Science Headlines -- Lycos
 Science in the Headlines
 Science News Online
 Technology Summary -- Reuters / Yahoo
 UniScience News
 Why Files

History of Science and Technology

| Information Resources | Journals | Biographies |
| Institutions and Organizations | Museums |
    Information Resources
 History of Mathematics -- MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
 History of Science, Technology & Medicine -- Tim Sherratt
 Horus Gets in Gear -- Beginner's Guide to Research
 Science & Technology Studies -- Patrick Hamlett
 Today in the History of Psychology
 WWW VL - History of Science
 History of Psychology
 History of the Human Sciences
 HOPOS -- History of the Philosophy of Science
 Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences
 Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
 Perspectives on Science
 Scientific American - 19th Century
 Albert Einstein Online
 Armenian Scientists
 Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography
 Notable Citizens of Planet Earth
 Women Mathematicians
    Institutions and Organizations
 Canadian Society for the History & Philosophy of Mathematics
 Depart. of History & Foundat. of Natural Sciences -- Utrecht University
 Department of the History & Philosophy of Science -- Uni Indiana
 History of Science Society
 International Committee for the History of Technology
 Intern. Society for the History, Philosophy & Social Studies of Biology
 Society for the History of Technology
 Moscow Planetarium
 British Museum
 Freud Museum of London
 Museum of Science -- Boston
 Museum of the History of Science -- Oxford
 Museums - Science -- Nerd World
 Natural History Museum
 Railroad Museums -- National Model Railroad Assoc. (US)

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