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    Information Resources
 Access Russia Information Services
 FREEnet -- Academic & Research Network
 Russia-On-Line - Science
 Russia on the Net - Science
 Russian Science Links -- RussLinks
 SU Science WebSite
    Government Organizations
 Ministry of Science and Thechnologies RF
 Ministry of Science (MNTS Telecom)
    Russian Academy of Sciences
 Mathematical Branch RAS - Information & Publishing Dpt.
 Russian Academy of Sciences - Departments
 All-Russia Institute of Experimental Physics -- RFNC-VNIIEF
 Institute for High Energy Physics (IHEP)
 Institute of Economic Forecasting
 Institute of Latin America RAS
 Institute of Physics & Power Engineering -- Obninsk
 Institute of Problems of Information Transmission RAS
 Institute of Theoretical & Experimental Physics -- ITEP
 Ioffe Institute -- Petersburg
 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research -- Dubna
 Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics
 Kurchatov Institute
 Nuclear Safety Institute of RAS
 Pavlov`s Institute of Physiology -- Petersburg
 Space Research Institute
 Steklov Mathematical Institute
    Higher Education
 Institute of Physics & Technology (MIPT)
 Moscow Power Engineering Institute
 Moscow State University
 Novosibirsk State University
 Perm State University
 Saint-Petersburg University
 St. Petersburg State Technical University
 Urals State University
    Research Centers
 Chernogolovka Science Center
 Geophysical Center RAS
 Pushchino Scientific Center
 RRSCCE -- Research Expertise Center
 Scientific Center Physicon
    Centers of Scientific Information
 Perm CSTI
    Scientific and Technological Firms in Russia
 DialogueScience, Inc.
      Search of Foundations
 Funding Scientific Projects in Russia
 Russian Foundation for Basic Research
      Other Foundations
    Public Scientific Organizations
 Mineralogical Society of RAS
    Scientific Editions
 Cosmonautics News
 Ecolink -- No.1, 1996
 Experiment in Geosciences
 Fundamentalnyaya i Prikladnaya Matematika
 News of Science & Technology
 NTV -- St.Petersburg State Technical University
 Russian Chemical Reviews
 Russian Science and the World -- Digest
 Za Nauku (For Science) -- newspaper of MPTI(KOI-8)

Siberian Branch of RAS

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    Information Resources
 Akademgorodok Internet Project
 Irkutsk Research Centre SBRAS
 Novosibirsk Research Centre SBRAS
 Novosibirsk State University
 Publishing House of SB RAS -- Novosibirsk
 Boreskov Institute of Catalysis
 Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
 Computing Center SBRAS
 Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems
 Institute of Automation & Electrometry
 Inst. of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics
 Irkutsk Computing Centre
 Krasnoyarsk Computing Centre
 United Institute of Geology, Geophysics and Mineralogy SB RAS

Scientific Contacts

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 AcadSci, Inc.
 Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
 Knight-Ridder Information
 STN International
 Swets & Zeitlinger
    Scientific Publishing Houses
 Publishing House of SB RAS -- Novosibirsk
 Annual Reviews Inc.
 Carfax Publishing Company -- UK
 Karger AG -- Basel
 Kluwer Academic Publishers
 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
 NAUKA -- International Academic Publishing Company
 Plenum Publishing Corp.
 Scandinavian University Press
 Scientific Publishers
      Individual Firms
    Scientific and Technological Firms
 Novecon Technologies
 Science Applications International Corporation

C o n f e r e n c e s

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