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Political Sciences

( See also section World Politics )

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    Information Resources
 Address Directory For The Politicians Of The World
 WWW Resources for Political Scientists
 Political Behavior
 Political Psychology
    Institutions and Organizations
 American Political Science Association (APSA)

Economics and Business

(See also sections: World Economics and Business)

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    Information Resources
 BizEc -- Resources in Business Administration
 Economics Resources for K-12 Teachers
 Economics Single Subject WWW Pages
 Resources for Economists on the Internet
 WebEc -- WWW Resources in Economics
 Directory of Economists -- gopher
 Economics Nobel Laureates
 Insurance Coverage Explanations -- glossary
 Language of Tax
 TermFinance Dictionary
    Data Bases
 INION - Data Base in Economics -- since 1991 
 AgEcon Search -- Research in Agricultural Economics
 International Agriculture
 Regional Economic Information System (REIS)
 BibEc -- Printed Working Papers
 Bibliography on High-tech Entrepreneurship
 EconWPA - Working Paper Archive -- E-prints
 WoPEc -- Electronic Working Papers
      Individual Journals
 Antitrust Law & Economics Review
 Economy & Society
 Games & Economic Behavior
 Journal of Financial Economics
 Quarterly Journal of Economic Research
 Review of Development Economics
 Review of Financial Studies
 Review of International Economics
 Helsinki School of Economics Library
 WebEc - Libraries
    Institutions and Organizations
 International Economists Union
 Economics Departments, Institutes & Centers
 Economics Departments on the Internet
 Economics Departments on WWW
 Economics-Related WWW Servers in Japan
 German Institute for Economic Research
 Institute for International Economics
 London School of Economics & Political Science
 Antitrust Homepage
 Antitrust Policy
 Antitrust Resources -- FindLaw
 Economic Growth Resources
 Game Theory & Experimental Economics
 Game Theory Resources on the Net
 Information Economy

Law Sciences

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    Information Resources
 AALLNet Web
 International Trade Law
 Law & Economics
 RefLaw - Virtual Law Reference Desk
 WWW VL - Law
 Women's Legal & Public Policy Information
 Directory of Law Firms & Attorneys
 Washlaw WWW Directories
 Web's Legal Dictionary
    Data Bases
 Administrative Law Bibliographic Database
 StateLaw - Legislative Information
      Individual Journals
 Law Libraries -- Canada
 Law Library Catalogs
 Lillian Goldman Library --Yale Law School
 Tarlton Law Library -- 750,000 volumes
 US House of Representatives Internet Law Library
 Virtual Canadian Law Library
    Institutions and Organizations
 American Law & Economics Association
 American Society of International Law
 International Association of Constitutional Law
 Law Firms -- WashLaw Web
 Law Schools
 Law Society of England & Wales (LSEW)
 FindLaw - Antitrust & Trade Regulation
 NASIRE Homepage
 W3 Lawyer

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