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    Information Resources
 Linguistics & Human Languages -- Yahoo
 Linguistics & Natural Language Processing in the WWW
 Linguistics Resources on the Internet
 WWW VL - Applied Linguistics
 WWW VL - Linguistics
 English-Romanian Dictionary of Proverbs
 Index of On-line Dictionaries
    Data Bases
  Computation & Language -- E-prints
 Ethnologue - 13th edition (1996)
 Annual Review of Applied Linguistics
 Applied Linguistics
 Applied Psycholinguistics
 Brain & Language
 Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics
 Computer Assisted Language Learning
 Computer Speech & Language
 CRL Newsletter
 De Proverbio
 Journal of Child Language
 Journal of English & Germanic Philology
 Journal of Language & Social Psychology
 Journal of Linguistics
 Journal of Memory & Language
 Journal of Psycholinguistic Research
 Journal of Quantitative Linguistics
 Language Acquisition
 Language & Cognitive Processes
 Language & Communication
 Language in Society
 Language Variation & Change
 Mind & Language
 Philologica -- Moscow
 Research on Language & Social Interaction
 Social Semiotics
 Speech Communication
    Institutions and Societies
 American Philological Association
 Association for Computational Linguistics
 British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL)
 Center for Research in Language
 Dictionary Society of North America (DSNA)
 European Association for Logic, Language & Information (FoLLI)
 European Language Resources Association (ELRA)
 Linguistic Associations
 Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB)
 Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

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    Information Resources
 About-Arts.Com - Literature -- arts directory
 English Language & Literature
 Language & Literature -- BUBL
 Links to Places Literary
 Literary & Critical Theory
 Literature -- Digital Librarian
 Literature -- Yahoo
 Glossary of Literary Terms
 Ian's English Calendar
 Literary Hyper-Calendar
 Myths and Legends
 Pulitzer Prizes
 Writer's Guide - Literary & Rhetorical Terms
    Data Bases
 INION - Data Base in History of Literature -- since 1986 
      Individual Journals
 Bartleby Library -- Columbia University
    Institutions and Organizations
 Academy of American Poets
 Association for Scottish Literary Studies
 British Comparative Literature Association (BCLA)
 Edgar Allan Poe Museum -- Richmond, Virginia
 Hans Christian Andersen Museum
 Lewis Carroll Society of North America (LCSNA)
 Literature Institutes -- Yahoo
 Alex - Electronic Texts on the Internet
 Comparative Literature Program -- Vanderbilt University
 English & Comparative Literature -- Columbia University
 Essential Comparative Literature & Theory Site
 HTI American Verse Project
 Internet Poetry Archive
 Poetry for Searching -- gopher
 Project Gutenberg
    Authors and Works
 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
 Comet -- Computerized English Texts
 Dickens Project
 Eden Etext Archive
 ETEXT Archives
 Franz Kafka Homepage
 James Joyce Website
 Lewis Carroll
 Life & Works of Herman Melville
 Literary Menagerie
 Lyrical Ballads
 Malaspina Great Books
 Mark Twain
 Modern English Collection
 Oscar Wilde - The Picture of Dorian Gray
 Ovid - Metamorphoses
 Oxford Text Archive
 Sherlock Holmes
 William Faulkner on the Web
 ABELL -- Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature
 World Shakespeare Bibliography

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