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Search of Publishing Houses

 AcqWeb's Directory of Publishers and Vendors
 AcqWeb's Other Links to Publishers and Books
 Bookstores and Publishers
 BookWire Index - Publishers
 BookWire Index - Publisher Indexes
 BookWire Index - Reference Publishers
 Hotlinks to Publishers -- Lange & Springer
 Internet Book Fair - Publishers Index
 On'Books -- Guide
 Publisher List
 Publishers' Catalogues Homepage
 Publishers on the Internet A-M -- Faxon
 Publishers on the Internet N-Z -- Faxon
 Publishers on the WWW
 Publishing Houses
 Publishing Industry Services & Suppliers -- R.R.Bowker
 U.K. Publishers
 University & Academic Presses
 WWW VL - Publishers
 Yahoo - Publishers
 Publishers and Bookstores -- German (and other) publishing houses

Russian publishing houses

 Russian Book Publishers on the Web -- Oregon SU
    Other Publishing Houses
 SB RAS Publishing House -- Novosiborsk
 Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga
 Terra Fantastica

Foregn Publishing Houses

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 Academic Press -- APNet
 Academic Press -- BUBL Information Service
 Addison Wesley Longman
 Akademie Verlag
 Allen Press
 American Chemical Society -- ACSWeb
 American Institute of Physics
 American Mathematical Society -- e-MATH
 American Medical Association (AMA)
 American Psychological Association -- PsychNET
 Annual Reviews Inc.

 C.H. Beck Verlag
 Birkhaeuser Verlag Basel
 Blackwell Group
 Blackwell Science
 Blackwell Science Inc.
 Bowker-Saur UK
 Cambridge University Press
 Carfax Publishing Company, UK
 Chapman & Hall
 CAS: Chemical Abstracts Service
 CRC Press, Inc.
 Elsevier Science

 Fame Publishing
 Gale Research
 Gordon & Breach -- gopher
 Gordon and Breach Publishing Group
 Greenwood Publishing Group
 de Gruyter, Inc.
 Harcourt Brace
 Harvard University Press
 IEEE Computer Society
 IOP Publishing: Institute of Physics
 Jane's Information Group
 Karger AG, Basel
 Kluwer -- gopher
 Kluwer Academic Publishers

 Lange & Springer
 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
 Lippincott-Raven Publishers
 Macmillan Computer Publishing
 Macmillan Publishing USA
 Marquis Who's Who
 McGraw-Hill Companies
 McGraw-Hill Publishing Online
 McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group
 MIT Press
 National Directory Publishing Association
 Norman Ross Publishing Inc.

 Oldenbourg Verlag - Verlagsseite
 Ovid Technologies
 Oxford University Press USA
 Oxford University Press UK
 Penguin USA
 Plenum Publishing Corp.
 Prentice Hall
 Princeton University Press -- gopher
 Random House, Inc.
 Reed Reference Publishing
 Routledge OnLine
 Scandinavian University Press
 SilverPlatter Worldwide Library
 Springer-Verlag Berlin / Heidelberg
 Sweet & Maxwell -- Law Publishers

 Taylor & Francis
 Thieme - Medical & Scientific Publishers
 Thomson International Publishing - Publishers
 University of Chicago Press -- gopher
 Walter de Gruyter, Inc.
 Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publishers
 Wiley & Sons UK
 Wilson Company
 World Book Online
 World Scientific (UK)
 World Scientific (Singapore)

Information Agencies

 Associated Press - Find an Article
 China News Service & Agency
 CNN Interactive
 CNN / Time AllPolitics
 LEXIS-NEXIS Communication Center
 Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
 Voice of America

Book-Selling Firms

(See also section Booksellers on "Library page")

    Search of Firms

 Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America (ABAA)
 BookWeb - Bookstore Directories
 Booksellers Homepages
 WWW VL - Publishers / bookstores

    Other Firms

 Engineer's Bookstore
 Majors - Book Distributor
 Opamp - Technical Books
 Powell's Bookstore
 Waterstone's Bookstore


(See also section Book Catalogs&Reviews)

 Knigi na sklade -- Books at store,"Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga"
 Book Stacks - Search the Shelves
 Books On-line - Titles -- Carnegie-Mellon
 Books Out Of Print
 Combined AAUP Online Catalog / Bookstore
 Electronic Bookshelf -- gopher
 German Books in Print -- VLB WWW-Katalog Recherche
 Internet Book Shop
 Internet Public Library Reading Room
 Online Book Initiative
 On-line Books Page
 On' Books
 Rare Books Around the Net -- Antiquarian Booksellers' Association
 Rettig on Reference Intro


    Search of Journals & Magazines
(Scientific journals - see also in section Science and
in corresponding subsections of Branches of Science )

 Export of Periodicals -- Catalog of "Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga"
 Canadian Magazine Directory
 Current Serials Received -- British Library Document Supply Centre
 E-Doc Home
 Electronic Magazines -- Nerd World
 Electronic News & MassMedia
 Electronic Newsstand
 Electronic Newsstand -- (
 Faxon Information on Titles
 Journals / Magazines Page -- CMU Libraries
 Journals Online
 List of Electronic Journals -- Faxon
 MediaINFO Links -- Online Media Directory
 Monster Magazine List
 Newspapers, Magazines & Journals
 Open Journal Project
 Scholarly Journals Distributed via the WWW -- Uni Houston
 Science & Technology Journals Internet Yellow Pages
 Serials in Cyberspace -- Collections, Resources, & Services

    Public and Political Magazines

 LIFE Photo
 Time Life
 TIME Warner
 U.S.News & World Report


Search of Newspapers and Publishers | Newspapers of various countries

    Search of Newspapers and Publishers

 Hellenic Resources Network - Index
 Hotlinks to Newspapers Online
 News Archives
 Newspapers on the Web
 Newspapers from around the World
 Online Newspapers -- 1750 Listings
 XYZZY - Daily -- collection os Swedish newspapers

    Newspapers of Various Countries

Texts(of documents, books, etc.)

 Alex -- A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
 Bartleby Library
 Electronic Documents Online
 Hume Archives
 Modern English Collection -- University of Virginia
 Otis Index - Books
 Oxford Text Archive
 Project Gutenberg Homepage
 Project Libellus
 Tech Classics Archive
 Wiretap Electronic Text Archive

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