Page of A.P.Zarubin, the Honourable reader of SPSL SB RAS
Albyert Pyetrovich Zarubin
Albyert Pyetrovich Zarubin

Albyert Pyetrovich, our library client of 30-year's experience, visits us with an enviable regularity, 1-2 times per week during all these years. Radioengineer by speciality, he is convinced that for all who has need in scientific and technical information, it is just lucky to live and to work in the city, where such library is available. Albyert Pyetrovich is a member of reader's active of the library, and is always ready to help both by word and action: he assists in drawing up the retrospective bibliographic indexes of the literature, he is the permanent commission expert on the item of radioelectronics book stocks formation in the reading hall of engineering. A.P.Zarubin was one of the first awarded with the rank of " the Honourable reader SPSL SB RAS ".
Contacts: 630099 Novosibirsk - 99, p.b. 401, Zarubin A.P.
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