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resourceThe Branch of SPSL SB RAS opens a new creative resource for the readers. The project deals with the Akademgorodok literature face that unites the authors whose life is associated in some way with the Novosibirsk Scientific Center. Among them are scientists, journalists, poets, and writers, more than 200 personalities.
    Books of various subject are presented: poem collections, short stories and novels, recollections and educational publications, total of about 600 titles.
    At this site, the reader will find works of poetry, prose and, possibly, familiar names of authors, both contemporaries, and artists that have already gone, but become a part of the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok history and culture.
    The project was subject to comprehensive work that is still under way. There is much work still to be done for the resource creators selecting meticulously the information about publications of authors from Akademgorodok. The next year will be a ceremony to mark an event of the site creation.


exhibitionFrom October, 31, a thematic literature exhibition «Post-graduate study in Russia: challenges of the 21st century» is shown. The exhibition presents over 70 publications (the electronic version - 134 records) of 2014-2018.
    From September 1, 2013, (the effectuating date of the Federal Law of December 29, 2012, N 273-FZ «On education in Russain Federation») post-graduate study qualifies as the third level of higher education – training of the highest skill personnel. Three-stage education system (baccalaureate, magistrature, and post-graduate study) failed, because all these three stages are slightly interlinked with each other. At this moment, variants to reform post-graduate study are being developed. Innovations make it possible to neutralize several negative issues the Russians encounter when claiming the scientific degree.

anniversary meetingOn May, 28, the Branch of the SB RAS State Public Scientific Technical Library held an anniversary meeting «Libraries of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center - 60 years for the service of science» that was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Information Library System of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS and the 50th anniversary of the Branch of SPSL SB RAS. The meeting was attended by the leading scientists of the Academgorodok, representatives of the library network of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Branch of the State Public Scientific Technical Library of the SB RAS who took part in the first stage of the system formation, staff of institutes, and officials: academicians N.L. Dobryetsov, V.M. Fomin, I.V. Silant'yev, director of the SB RAS Institute of Philology, A.YE. Guskov, Director of SPSL SB RAS, G.A. Sapozhnikov, State Authorities Relations adviser of the SB RAS Chairman, V.D. YErmikov, senior researcher of the IGM SB RAS and others.
  • Program of the meeting:
    1.  Introductory speech of the Chairman of the Information Library Board of the SB RAS, academician V.V. Boldyrev and A.E. Guskov, Ph.D., Director of the State Public Scientific Technical Library of the SB RAS;
    2.  «60th Anniversary of the Information and Library System of the SB RAS» - E.B. Artyemyeva, Ph.D., head of the ONIIMR department of SPSL of SB RAS;
    3.  «The Branch of the SPSL SB RAS - 50 years in the Novosibirsk Scientific Center» - V.A. Dubovenko, the head of the Branch of SPSL SB RAS;
    4.  An exhibition «They were the first» that is dedicated to the first heads of the scientific libraries of the SB RAS institutes;
    5.  Congratulations.

On May 16, The Branch of SPSL SB RAS held a lection «Your way to science» within the project «The scientific success formula: "graphene", dance and learn!». Lector: Nadyezhda Alyeksandrovna Nyebogatikova, PhD in math, junior researcher of ISP SB RAS, Assistant Professor of the Chair of General Physics of NSU, a certified trainer in Pole dance, Stretching etc.   Details| Presentation | Video

exhibitionFrom December, 25, the Branch of SPSL SB RAS shows a literature exhibition «New Foreign Books that have been acquired by the Branch during 2017». The exhibition presents about 90 books and journal contributions.
    The publications deal with relatively broad scope of knowledge from items of physics, higher maths and medicine and up to philosophy, ethnology, and other humanities.

On December, 13, the conference-hall of the Branch of SPSL SB RAS (prosp. Lavryent'yev, 6) held the 21st session of the Siberian scientometrics seminar.SSN-21
  • Authors : B. L. Al'pyerin, A. A. Vyedyagin, I. V. Zibaryeva, L. YU. Il'ina (SB RAS Institute of Catalysis). Report: B.L.Al'pyerin (SB RAS Institute of Catalysis)
    • SciAct is an information and analytics system for scientific activity monitoring and record-keeping that has been developed in the SB RAS Institute of Catalysis and that is applicable for a broad range of scientific and educational institutions. The report deals with the prerequisites for creating the system, its main features, and its further development avenues.
    Online-translation of the seminar
    Instruction to connect to the translation

    Questions about the seminars:

    FestivalOn October,16, the SB RAS House of Scientists held an opening ceremony of V All-Russia Science Festival NAUKA 0+ that was taking place with a motto «The Leaders Time».
      The Branch of SPSL SB RAS presented an exhibition of popular scientific literature «Fun Science» and an exhibition of advertisement materials of research institutes «Science here!». For higher and high school students, a puzzle «SCIENCE Battle» on the history of Akademgorodok has been held.
        The Branch expresses gratitude to all SB RAS institutes that participated in the event and a special gratitude to the SB RAS Institute of Nuclear Physics, namely to V.YE.Karavayeva and A.I.YEryomina.
        The festival program

    ExhibitionOn September, 21-22, the Branch of SPSL SB RAS showed an exhibition «Scholarly journals of Siberia, Ural, and the Far East» within the framework of XVII Seminar-Conference of the «5-100» project. 253 journals in different fields of knowledge have been demonstrated. Specially distinguished were journals that qualified as Scopus DB and Web of Science Core Collection.
    ExhibitionFrom September, 13, a thematic literature exhibition «A heart for life» is shown that is devoted to 100th anniversary of academcian YE.N.Myeshalkin.
      YEvgyenii Nikolayevich Myeshalkin is famous Soviet Russian cardiologist and cardiosurgeon, doctor of medical sciences, full professor. Academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (now, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 1978). The RSFSR honored science worker. Socialist Labour Hero (1976). The winner of the Lenin Prize (1960). Since 1993, an honourable citizen of Novosibirsk. E.N.Meshalkin was an ancestor of many fields that include anesthesiology, radial diagnostics, and cardio-surgery for congenital and acquired heart diseases.
        He supervised the implementing of a complex of arrangements for prophylaxis of septic complications after surgical interventions (application of synthetic washing-up liquids for surgeon hands treatment, application of color operational linen, etc.). He designed a system for observation and generalization of the remote results of operations. Innovations of Eugene Nikolaevich are confirmed by 47 certificates of authorship and patents. Meshalkin-teacher has prepared 43 doctors and 130 candidates of sciences.

    A.P.DerevyankoThe resource «Schools of thoght in NSC» has been added up by a biobibliographic index of academician Anatoly Panteleevich Derevyanko, an outstanding Soviet and Russian historian, archeologist, a professional on paleolith of Siberia and the Far East.
      A.P.Derevyanko has developed a new time-space version of ways for initial settling of Asia. He has created a periodization, chronology, and dynamics of paleolith in the region. He discovered and studied dozens of archeological objects, several of which became reference monuments for various epochs and cultures in a wide chronological range from paleolith to the Iron Age. The initiator and the head of the program on complex studying of cave monuments of paleolith of Southern Siberia and the Central Asia. The founder of the international research site «Denisova Cave» (Altai Mountains). Under his guide and through his involvement, the groundwork for a multidisciplinary approach to analyze archeological sources has been developed.

    ExhibitionFrom July 6, a thematic literature exhibition «Exploration of the Russian Arctic» is shown. The exhibition demonstrates about 100 publications, which include monographs, collections of articles, scholarly journals contributions, and dissertation abstracts.
      Development of Arctic regions is one of the most significant super problems of modern-day Russia. Arctic regions concentrate huge reserves of strategic resources. To implement the projects of the region development one needs to solve several non-trivial scientific problems.
          Studying the historical past of Arctic regions is caused both by the demand for incrementing the historical knowledge and by understanding of a specific part of the region to make up spatial-geographical factors of the historical development of the country.

      N.N.YAnyenkoObserving the 95th anniversary of academician Nikolai Nikolayevich YAnyenko, a thematic literature exhibition «Dear Nikolai Nikolayevich: autographed books from the private library of academician N.N.YAnyenko» is shown.
        The exhibition demonstrates 86 domestic and foreign publications from the academician N.N.YAnyenko memorial library in the Branch of SPSL SB RAS (reading hall for computation mathematics and computer science). The books were donated to the academician by his colleages and disciples, supplied with autographes and dedicatory inscriptions.
      The N.N.YAnyenko memorial library includes also his things that were donated to the Branch.

    Congratulate with the Great Victory Day!

      New itemsOn April 28, the museum exposition of the academician N.N.YAnyenko memorial library got a supplement. The Branch of SPSL SB RAS is sincerely grateful to Natal'ya Nikolayevna Bogunyenko (YAnyenko) for the invaluable donations.
        The library got a donation of some things of Nikolay Nikolayevich YAnyenko: a picture and a table lamp from his home library, books, awards, photos, and some other unique things.

    Congratulate with the appointment!

      30 years from Chernobyl disasterFrom March 30, a thematic literature exhibition «Rehabilitation and sustainable development of the harmed regions (the 30 years from Chernobyl disaster)» is shown.
        The exhibition demonstrates domestic and foreign studies that deal with Chernobyl tragedy.
          An accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station on April 26, 1986, stands in a series of the most serious technogenic accidents during the whole humanity history. It had consequences both of large-scale economic and social-psychological character.
        Chernobyl disaster was a reference mark for a new era in mutual relations of a man and the atomic energy. The world atomic engineering is currently one of the most hi-tech industries, where a special attention is given to safety, reliability of the equipment, and personnel training. In much extent, it has happened because of the accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station, which has demonstrated that the decomposition of atomic nucleus is much more complicated and more dangerous procedure than a simple coal burning.

    On February 11, 2016, Boris Stepanovich Elepov, Dr.Sci.Tech., director of SPSL of SB RAS, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, full professor died suddenly. B.S.Elepov
     Cherished memory of this noble man, scientist, great organizer, and an outstanding person is embalmed in our hearts.
    Memorial flowers

      PhotonicsFrom February 8, a thematic literature exhibition «Photonics world» is shown.
        The exhibition includes about 80 domestic and foreign monographs and scholarly articles that deal with the problems of photonics.
          The term «photonics» applies to a wide scientific and technical field that unites laser physics, optoelectronics, electrooptics, fiber and integral optics, optical communications, optical treatment of signals, and holography. Photonics is in permanent development: new research avenues, technologies and materials appear; promising application fields are discovered.

      From January 15, 2016 a literature exhibition «New foreign books, the Branch acquisitions of 2015» is shown.
        The exhibition demonstrates foreign researches that deal with archaeology, biology, geology, medicine, physics, chemistry, and other scientific disciplines - the total of about 90 monographs of leading foreign scientists.

      Book coverSince April 30, a thematic literature exhibition is shown «Scientists for the battlefield (on the 70-th anniversary of the Victory)».
        The exhibition was arranged to coincide with the 70-th anniversary of the Victory. The exhibition includes more than 100 publications of the employees of NSC SB RAS who worked on the back areas.

      G.I.KHaninOn April 8, a lection took place named «Russia Economic Outlook». The author: Girsh Itsykovich KHanin, PhD in economics, full professor of the Chair of Economic Theory and Applied Economics of Novosibirsk State Technical University.
      The lection video

      Book coverSince April 6, a literature exhibition is shown «New foreign books the Branch got during 2014: Natural sciences».
        The exhibition demonstrates recent achievements in the field of chemistry, biology, and Earth science. It covers a set of problems such as fungi biotechnologies, abiotic stress of plants, application of molecular sensors in chemistry and physics, new properties of ionic liquids. About 100 publications are shown.


      Since February 2, 2015, a thematic literature exhibition is shown «Research institutions of SB RAS Novosibirsk Scientific Center, jubilee celebrators in 2015». Books and articles from Russian publications are presented. The exhibition includes 86 documents.
      Research institutions of SB RAS Novosibirsk Scientific Center, jubilee celebrators in 2015In 2015, the following institutions celebrate their jubilees in Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences: A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems, Institute of Computing Technologies, Design and Technology Institute of Applied Microelectronics (ISP affiliated unit), Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Institute of History, Institute of Philology, Institute of Philosophy and Right.

      Book coverSince January 12, a literature exhibition is shown: «New foreign books the Branch got during 2014: Physical and mathematical sciences».
        About 100 publications are presented that cover urgent problems of modern-day physics and mathematics: vibrational dynamics, colour holography technologies, ellipsometry of nanoparticles, non-linear theory of metric space potential etc. The exhibition is to be shown up to February 7.

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