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Card Index List includes data on topic exhibitions prepared by the Branch personnel during the last 10 years. Made initially in traditional form, this card archive was not systematically requested for, yet having been reorganized in the electronic form later, it must have been made more convenient for both clients and librarian staff. Card Index items arranged alphabetically. Each exhibition record featured with number of entries, record language, type and time range parameter. Using this index, one can browse the Card Index content that is present now in the Branch reading hall, and refer to publications immediately (de visu). Presently implemented mainly in cyrillics in the russian part of the site, this archive is planned to be entirely converted to electronic transliterated form on the step-by-step approach base.

    Exhibition Topic
 Time range Access  
Education and Science at the Threshold of the Third millenium -- in russian (1991-1994)r / hall - rus
"He is Pushkin, therefore immortal" -- New issues and publications about poet's life and works  n/aarchives
Intellectual innovations in social life and evolution of education -- in russian (1991-1996)r / hall - rus
"Otgovorila roshcha zolotaya..." (Centenary of Syergyei Yesyenin's Birthday - the great russian poet) -- transliterated list of publications  (1926-1995)archives
Torsion field and spin-torsion interaction -- List of russian lit.: (111 titles of books and papers); Compiled by: A.P.Zarubin.  (1991-1999)archives
TransSib Railway is 105 year old (1891-1996) -- Publications on TransSib Railway History  (1892-1996)archives

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