Chronicles of the SPSL SB RAS Branch

of the Branch of State Public Scientific Library SB RAS
Since 1956 to 1996



The Branch of SB RAS State Public Scientific Library celebrated several anniversaries in 1996.
What were they about?
Foundation of the Branch deals with academic library, which had been existing in Novosibirsk before the creation of SPSL SB RAS. Initially, it was the Eastern Branch of the State Library of the Academy of Science of the USSR (EB LAS), that was in its turn organized on the base of the library of the East-Siberian Division of AS USSR in 1956. EB LAS became the basis for now existing book resources, reference information facilities,and the library staff. According to orders issued EB LAS has been transformed into Novosibirsk Branch of SPSL AS USSR and transferred to Akademgorodok. That makes up the first stage, more than 40 years passed since then.

The second stage marked out by the own library building appearance. Book resources and search facilities took its place there, together with the first reading hall and first readers registrated. This stage began in 1966, when the library doors opened for the readers of Akademgorodok. The 30th anniversary of this event has been celebrated lately.

History of the Branch includes some other bench-mark points, which determine the following three stages: partial transfer of book resources to the new building, opening of two reading halls; structural changes, all the readers consolidated under the same roof; and the last stage marked by extensive use of automatiс machinery treatment in the reference information supply and miscelaneous library service.

Thus, five stages here.
Detailed characteristics of them is the content of the " Chronicles " below.

FIRST STAGE (1956-1965)

1956, August, 17. The Order of Presidium of Academy of Sciences of the USSR No 440 on organizing of the Eastern Branch of the Library of AS USSR in Novosibirsk.
1957, October, 22. From the Order of Presidium of the Siberian Branch of AS USSR:
§ 14. To consider as reasonable the construction of a building for EB LAS in Novosibirsk.
§ 15. To authorize Novosibproject institution to project the construction of EB LAS building with the capacity of 5 million books storage and to complete the project in 1958."
1958, January, 11th day .The Edict of the USSR Council of Ministers to include EB LAS (city of Novosibirsk) into the library list to get the deposit copy from the All-Union Book Chamber.
1958. A.A.Egorova was appointed Director of EB LAS.
1958, July, 30.The Statute of EB LAS is confirmed by academician N.V.Ostrovityanov, Chairman of the Library Commitee of Presidium AS USSR.
§ 11 of the Statute said: " The EB LAS system includes... all special libraries of scientific institutions of AS USSR in Siberia and in the Far East."
1958, October, 16.The Decree of SB AS USSR Presidium on the Library Commitee of SB AS USSR. Associate Member of AS USSR N.N.Vorozhtsov was appointed Chairman of the Commitee, director of EB LAS A.A.Egorova was appointed Official Secretary.
1958, October, 17. The Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No 1154 on the foundation of State Public Scientific Library in the body of the Siberian Branch of Academy of Science of the USSR in Novosibirsk.
1958, October, 29. Presidium AS USSR, Decree No 367-2077 revoked the Decree of USSR Council of Ministers on receiving the deposit copy by EB LAS, in connection with the foundation of SPSL SB AS USSR.
1960, August, 19. The Decree of Presidium AS USSR No 815 on transfer of the EB LAS to SPSL SB AS USSR as one of constituents: " transfer the EB LAS from 01.01.61 into SPSL SB AS USSR concerning all its staff, book resources and equipment and grant it the statute of a Branch.". (Separate financing, bank account etc.)
1960, December, 1. The Edict of Presidium SB AS USSR No 367-1-499 on transfer of the EB LAS to SPSL SB AS USSR as one of constituents:" develop regulations draft on Novosibirsk Branch of SPSL SB AS USSR. To create a committee to transfer and monitor the resources ."
1964, March, 26. The Presidium AS USSR Order No 58-547 on transfer of the Novosibirsk Branch of SPSL SB AS USSR to Akademgorodok.

SECOND STAGE (1966-1975)

1966, October. Statute of the Branch of SPSL AS USSR in Akademgorodok.
1968. Foundation of the House of Scientists Library as a structural division of the Branch.
1968. Two " Optima " type-writers purchased.
1969. Exposition of recent acquisitions involving foreign publications from SPSL AS USSR.
1969. "Era" copy-machine purchased.
1969, March. Work starts to create general catalogue of foreign publications.
1970, March. The development of rules for individual users.
1971.The development of general profile to add book resources of Akademgorodok .
1972.Making up general card catalogue for foreign journals of all libraries of Akademgorodok .
1973.Creation of general catalogue of the USSR publications.
1973. "Vega" copy-machine purchased.
1974.Organizing of specialized (chemical) reading hall within Bioorganic chemistry department of Organic Chamistry Institute.
1974.First time discussion on the item on organizing of Interlibrary Exchange System in SPSL AS USSR, including the Branch of SPSL.

Main characteristics of the Branch during the period:
Area - 1200 sq.m
Reading halls - 1
Number of reading places - 75
Staff - 44 persons
Book resources from 101012 up to 306635 units
Number of readers from 4083 up to 4700
Visits (average) - 40063
Book usage - from 191460 up to 500 000 (foreign publications - more than 50 per cent)
Interlibrary Exchange System - from 16 up to 35 users
Automobile - 1
Type-writers - 3
Director of the Branch - A.A.Egorova
Chairman of the Library Commitee - Associated Member of AS USSR N.N.Vorozhtsov.
Personnel of the Branch:
Gik D.H., Mihnevitch T.F., Fedotova A.I., Zhemchugova G.A., Nikolayeva A., Volkova L.P., Poloskina T.K., Jednak (Grebneva) T.N., Anikonova T.I., Grika M.A., Pastukhova N.M., Korshever F.A., Yamkina G.A., Kareva .A., Sibirtseva G.D., Pritychenko B.F., Krylova V.V., Zhdanova V.V., Nehanevich A.A., Volobujeva T.N., Imanova A.I., Petsh E.S., Chicherina M.A., Fesenko O.I., Pilipchenko T.Ja., Zhuravleva L.P., Zharkova R.P., Lobova Z.P., Shakhvorostova Z.N.

THIRD STAGE (1975-1981)

1975, January. The Decree of Presidium SB AS USSR No 23 on disposition of the Branch in the new building (aspirants dormitory at Ilyitcha str., 21).
1975, February. Order of Egorova, Director of the Branch, on foreign book resources preparation to move them into the new building.
1975, September. L.P.Pavlova is appointed Director of the Branch.
1975, December, 15. Celebration of the new library building opened .
1975, December, 20. Transfer and disposition of books in the new area start.
1976, February, 9. The Decree of Presidium SB AS USSR on the foundation of the Library Commitee under the Presidium. V.V.Ovsyannikov, Associated Member of AS USSR, is appointed Chairman of the Committee and L.P.Pavlova, Doctor of Science, is appointed Official Secretary.
1976. Specialized chemical reading hall in Department of Bioorganic Chemistry cancelled.
1976. Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Branch!
1976. Installation of Differentiated Distribution of Information (DDI)system in Novosibirsk Scientific Center (NSC).
1976. Interlibrary Exchange System began functioning. 27 libraries of NSC were contributories. Second car appeared at the Branch.
1976. Development of interlink in NSC while subscription to soviet journals. First agreements of Central Library (the Branch) with libraries in special scientific field .
1976, October. Installation of "Xerox-1" and "EK-12-11-1" in the Branch.
1977. First expositions of "Springer" and "Pergamon press" in the Branch.
1977, March. Regulation on transformation of the Branch into a structural division of SPSL (now without an individual bank account).
1977. Regulation on the issue of combined reader ID-card for all academic libraries of NSC.
1977, September, 12. The Decree of Presidium SB AS USSR No 15000-746 on the foundation of patent department subsidiary of SPSL in Akademgorodok.
1978. Order of SPSL Director to ban smoking inside the Library (including the Branch).
1978, April. Removal of " Xerox-1000" from the Branch to the main building of SPSL.
1978. First automated treatment of readers' listing cards at the Branch on the base of 'Special Design and Technological Bureau for Scientific Devices' (" Readers Register" Program).
1979. First publication of the Branch employee article in a foreign journal: Pavlova L.P. The system of information support of scientific research in Siberia // Libre-1980.- № 4.
1979, April, 1. Order of Kartashov N.S., Director of SPSL, on the separation of the House of Scientists Library off the Branch.
1981, December. Tolkunova G.L. was appointed Director of the Branch, because of L.P.Pavlova taking over the position of Vice-Director of SPSL SB RAS.

Main characteristics of the Branch during the period:
Staff - 52 persons
Readers - more than 5000 persons
Visits - about 64 000
Book usage - more than 500 000 (51 per cent of foreign publications)
Books - more than 450 000 units
Interlibrary Exchange System - 38 users
Director of the Branch L.P.Pavlova, Candidate of Science.
Personnel: Babchuk (Grenback) O.B., Vakulenko L.D., Grika A.A., Volobujeva T.N., Volkova L.P., Vinitchenko N., Grebneva T.N., Golovina D.P., Egorova, Zhdanova T.A., Gaun M.M., Elkina K.I., Krylova V.V., Korovina V.G., Kurbangaleyeva I.V., Makova N.V., Kononova L.V., Mikhnevich T.F., Nekhanevich A.A., Noskova L.I., Panshina (Onuchina) S.F., Saloshenko M.G., Soboleva N.F., Poloskina T.K., Petsh E.S., Tolkunova G.L., Fedotova A.I., Chileyeva Z.E., Hrustetskaya R.I., Fedchenko L.V., Sheverdina (Kokovkina) O.V., Shahvorostova Z.N. and others.

FOURTH STAGE (1982-1992)

1982. " Index of Soviet Magazines and Publications of Institutions on Scientific Information, subscribed for the Libraries of NSC Institutes in 1982" published. Since that, this Index made annually.
1983. Two parts of general catalogue of foreign publications (up to 1973 - card-index, afterwards - catalogue) merged.
1983, August. Creation of Public Center for Copy-machine Service in NSC (agreement with Japan). During the year after, more than 1 million pages vs. 120 000 pages in 1982, copied for NSC .
1984. The greatest book loss, due to book-storage area decrease(that was about 4 annual quota).
1985. The House of Scientists Library returned into the body of the Branch.
1986, November, 11. The Decree of Presidium SB RAS on the new personal body of the Library Commitee (Chairman - Yu.L.Ershov, Associated Member of AS USSR , Official Secretary - L.P.Pavlova, Candidate of Science ).
1988, April, 7. Decision of the Library Commitee under Presidium on excess concentration of client service in the same reading hall (Iljitcha, 21) and the removal of the "Service" company from the building, corresponding area being transferred to the Branch.
1990. Automatic system of priority distribution of patent information using " Inpadoc " Data Base on magnetic tapes has been developed.
1991. Rearrangement of the Branch: united scientific reading-hall (Ilyitcha, 21), and transfer of the Patent reading hall into the building of Computer Center.
1992, March. The first PC-AT 286 computer at the Branch.
1992. The program of DDI on magnetic tapes is being curtailed, due to financial difficulties.
1992. For the same reason, the second car of the Branch lost .

Main characteristics of the Branch during the period:
Number of reading places - 120
Readers - from 5614 (1980) to 3314 (1992)
Visits - from 56361 (1986) to 28766 (1992)
Book usage - from 586342 (1986) to 543585 (1992)
Book resources (patents not included) - from 339202 to 280917
Patent resources included - from 1055082 to 1332846
Interlibrary Exchange System - 43 users
Staff - 42 persons
Director - G.L.Tolkunova
Personnel: Mikhnevich T.F., Golovina D.P., Krylova V.V., Polyakova T.A., Saloshenko M.G., Poloskina T.K., Grebneva T.N., Volkova L.P., Vostrukhina T.P., Sokolova I.N., Yakishik E.V., Harchenko L.N., Kokovkina O.V., Elkina K.I., Belonosova L.N., Fedchenko L.V., Degtyareva L.A., Volobujeva T.N., Perkina I.G., Pavlova I.A., Bardina N.M., Gaun M.M., Kononova L.V. and others.

FIFTH STAGE (1993-1996)

1993, February. The Decree of Presidium SB RAS on personal renewal of Library Commitee (Chairman - Yu.I.Shokin, Associated Member of RAS, Official Secretary - L.P.Pavlova, Candidate of Science).
1993, February. V.A.Doubovenko is appointed Director of the Branch.
1993, July, 7.. The Decree of Presidium SB RAS on approval of 'The Regulations on Library Commitee under Presidium'.
The general catalogue of foreign publications put to edit (finished in 1995).
1994. One "Xerox" copy-machine and 2 computers PC-AT 286 purchased.
Program that said " Creation of Machine Technology Applicable in SPSL SB RAS, the Branch and Scientific Institution Libraries for Library and Information Service Supply in Akademgorodok " has been developed.
1994. DB "Patents of Russia" on CD-ROM is ordered.
1995. The development of hardware for information work in the Branch.
Utilizing of "Consultant Plus"DB for client orders.
Март. Work with "Current Contents" and "Science Citation Index" DBs.
1995, August. E-mail use for client orders delivery (The Branch - SPSL).
1995, October. Permanent work with SPSL computer catalogue.
1996, February. Made connection to Internet.

Main characteristics of the Branch during the period:
Reading halls - 2
Number of reading places - 85
Readers - from 3036 (1993) to 2818 (1995)
Visits - from 25029 (1993) to 25010 (1995)
Book usage - from 483061 (1993) to 435638 (1995)
Book resources (patents included) - from 1374382 (1993) to 1403016 (1995)
Interlibrary Exchange System - 49 users
Staff - 36 persons
Director - V.A.Doubovenko
Personnel: Mikhnevich T.F., Saloshenko M.G., Pavlova L.P., Belonosova L.N., Polyakova T.A., Krylova V.V., Poloskina T.K., Grebneva T.N., Volkova L.P., Vostrukhina T.P., Elkina O.V., Kokovkina O.V., Sokolova I.N., Yakishik E.V., Harchenko L.N., Degtyareva L.A., Volobujeva T.N., Gaun M., Poyaskova E., Perkina I.G., Pavlova I.A., Gorbacheva L.A., Chilejeva Z.E., Kann S.K., Fedchenko L.V., Fedotova A.I. and others.


Egorova A.A.- The Badge of Honour (1960)
Volkova L.P.- title of Honoured Veteran of SB RAS(1995)
Golovina D.P. - title of Honoured Veteran of SB RAS(1984)
Grebneva T.N. - title of Honoured Veteran of SB RAS(1995)
Mikhnevich T.F. - title of Honoured Veteran of SB RAS " (1993)
Pavlova L.P. - title of Honoured Veteran of SB RAS (1986), Diploma of Presidium SB RAS (1984), Medal for Labour Merit (1986), title of Honoured worker of Russian Culture (1990)
Poloskina T.K. - title of Honoured Veteran of SB RAS (1995)
Chileyeva Z.E. - title of Honoured Veteran of SB RAS(1986)
Saloshenko M.G. - title of Honoured Veteran of SB RAS (1984)

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Chronicler: L.P.Pavlova

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